Sweet Bells Fantasy

Concert Band

Sweet Bells Fantasy

Fantasie über "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen"
(The Bells Never Sound Sweeter)

Concert Piece, Music for Christmas, Concert
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Austrian composer Martin Scharnagl presents SWEET BELLS FANTASY, a creative fantasy about the well-known German Christmas song "Suesser die Glocken nie klingen" (The Bells Never Sound Sweeter). The work begins with a grand opening, which dresses the thematic material in a harmoniously colorful robe. The first stanza is presented by the woodwinds in chamber music style before the second stanza appears in a sonorous tutti. Over a broad pedal point we reach musical climax in the form of a fermata in bar 60. After a short break the composer now picks up on the musical ideas of the beginning again and uses them for the transition into a grand finale. Based on a constant percussion rhythm the composition ends in the form of a resplendent hymn. As in the beginning, Martin Scharnagl also uses tubular bells to complete his composition SWEET BELLS FANTASY, which gives the work a dignified and festive character and symbolizes the joy of Christmas.

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