Salzburg Dance / Prague Dance

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Salzburg Dance / Prague Dance

Salzburger Tanz / Prager Tanz

Concert Piece, Classic, Dance
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Dance music has existed for a long time. Great composers like Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert wrote many dances which were popular in courts of the day. The pieces SALZBURG and PRAGUE DANCE of the young band series EXPLORA can inspire interest in classical music and music history. Alfred Bösendorfer adapted these two dances created for chamber strings to modern wind band instrumentation.

SALZBURG DANCE by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is taken from a collection of three dances, listed as KV 605 in the Köchel catalogue, dated 12th February 1791. The Trio part of this joyful piece is entitled “Schlittenfahrt” (sleigh ride), where Mozart utilized “sonagli”, a special kind of bells. Alfred Bösendorfer uses sleigh bells, which, together with the melody, paint a beautiful picture of a sleigh ride over snowy hills.

PRAGUE DANCE by Joseph Haydn is based on a minuet and courtly dance. The catalogue of Anthony Hoboken lists this piece in the group IX No. 10 as one of twelve dances from 1793. As court composer of Count Esterhazy, Haydn wrote many dances for the noble society, who elegantly glided over the dance floor in beautiful dress.

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