In einem anderen Licht

Concert Band

In einem anderen Licht

für Herrn Siegfried Rundel

Concert Piece
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Stephen Melillo dedicated this piece to Siegfried Rundel with the following words.

Dear Herr Rundel,

What a great honor to meet you. You are a Kind Man with Good Sons. Your words to me continue to have great meanings. Thank you.

I admire you work as a composer and your history as a publisher. Upon shaking your hand and looking into your eyes, I knew that I had to write Music for you... and so I did, right there, in front of you as you will recall. I wrote "In einem anderen Licht" within the parameters you described. Here now is that work, typeset and made possible by fellow Americans of similar vision who have joined in sharing it. Together we offer this gift.

I write these notes to you on an interesting day. It is 21 June 2006. It is the birthday of Lalo Schifrin, a composer I very much admire. It is also the day on which an 83-year-old friend of mine named "Bliss Alexander" left this world for the on "In Another Light". Sadnes. Joy. The same World... but in different Lights.

Bliss was a 21-year-old trombone player who once played with Tommy Dorsey. His musical career was cut short when he hit the beaches of Normandy on 6 June 1944 and later fought his way to Belgium. Like Musashi, Bliss was a man of architecture and art and music... not war. But as well you know, the events of the world often summon such men... on both sides... to meet in conflict. Were you and he to have met in a different time and in Another Light, there might not have been a war. Romantic perhaps, but such are the feelings often summoned by Music.

"In einem anderen Licht" (In Another Light) is but another small Prayer in the pieces that comprise STORMWORKS... wherein resides the more complete message. I hope you will enjoy it.

Vielen Dank und Godspeed,
Stephen Melillo

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