Fanfara e Danza

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Fanfara e Danza

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Klaus-Peter Bruchmann was born in Borgsdorf near Berlin in 1932. He played accordion already as a young boy and later also took piano lessons. Following his studies in Berlin he worked for radio stations in Berlin as well as for the state broadcasting corporation of the former German Democratic Republic and was active there in the field of orchestral and symphonic light music. He became associated with band music not before the seventies when he began to cooperate with Gerhard Baumann, at that time Director of Music of the Central Orchestra of the (East German) People’s Army. For the talented composer this was a promising field of musical activities. To characterize the creative output of Bruchmann, it must be emphasized that he succeeded in pouring musical zest into the gray zone between – using typical German categories – light and serious music. The well known composer is still active as adjudicator and he attracted attention, when he founded the ”Borgsdorf Circle”, an association of German composers who devote most of their attention to  concert and symphonic music.
In ”Fanfara e Danza” a short song-like introduction, the ”Fanfara” leads to the ensuing ”Danza”. Its organic succession of fast eighth notes, slow quarter notes in the middle section and fast eighth notes again definitely is an enrichment of this dance in high spirits.
This composition features once again testify to Bruchmann’s mastership in this specific musical area. In addition it underlines his position which does not reveal any giving in to modish influences of the day. It consequently is the musical independence which largely accounts for the attractiveness of his works.

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