Crith Mhonadh

Concert Band

Crith Mhonadh

Crimond Church Fantasia

Concert Piece, Sacred Music, Fantasia, Rhapsody
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Alfred Boesendorfer invites us on a journey to Scotland, more precisely to Crimond, a village near the Scottish Northeast coast. The local church reveals a striking offset: The clock, bearing the words “The hour’s coming”, has an additional minute between the digits 11 and 12, so one hour consists of 61 minutes. “Crimond” also is the title of an old Scottish hymn, written in 1872 by Jessie Seymore Irvine, the daughter of the parish minister. Her melody is one of the most famous settings for the words of Psalm 23 “The Lord’s My Shepherd”. The touching melody written by the young woman and the rough beauty of her homeland inspired Alfred Boesendorfer to compose his “Crimond Church Fantasia”. Six musical scenes lead us through Northeast Scotland.

1. Crimond Land:
The festive introduction reminiscent of English courtly music symbolizes Scotland’s membership in the British Empire.

2. Reel:
A fast Celtic dance in 6/8 time points to the very old Scottish traditions.

3. Pastorale:
A short, calm transition to the following

4. Choral:
Boesendorfer develops the beautiful hymn as a touching choral, from the lower parts to a bright tutti sound.

5. Ceremonial March:
Marching drum sounds and a trumpet solo introduce this celebratory march. Its playful melody spreads all over the band and is accompanied by vigorous bass parts and trumpet calls.

6. Epilogo Religioso: The soft theme of the world-famous Crimond hymn resounds as a solemn and devout finale.

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