O du mein Österreich!

Orchestre d'Harmonie

O du mein Österreich!

O You My Austria!

Marche Traditionelle, Marche
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The well-known melody in the trio comes from the singspiel “s’Alraunl” (“The Mandrake”) by Franz von Suppè which was first produced in the 'Theater an der Wien' in 1849. In spite of the fact that it was a praise of native Austria, a eulogy of nature and life in the country, it was not successful at all and soon disappeared from stage. Ferdinand Preis shaped this melody into a brisk military march and it consequently became the overwhelming success, which we know today. Ferdinand Preis served as regimental bandmaster in Infantry Regiment No. 38 from 1851 until his death in 1864. During that period he performed in the garrisons of Linz, Brno, Prague and Terezín. The march in question was composed as early as 1852, but first editions of printed music may not be found before 1874. Like other marches featured on this CD, “O You My Austria!” belongs to the “Historical and other Compositions for the Imperial and Royal Army”, which was compiled and edited by military bandmaster Emil Kaiser. It was then distributed by the Imperial and Royal War Ministry, while most of the marches were assigned to specific regiments and institutions. The march is included in this collection as “O You My Austria! - March by E. Preiss with the Song by Franz von Suppè”. Emil Kaiser did not consider the march of one E. Preiss, he rather included a march of the same name by Ferdinand Preis, op. 93. In 1987, however, a new march bearing the same title showed up. It was composed by E. Preiss, op. 23. It is a completely different march, while the trio is essentially identical to that of Ferdinand Preis on the basis of the song by Franz von Suppè. The miracle and the confusion created by this discovery could not be solved yet.

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