Vier Choräle für Bläser

Concert Band

Vier Choräle für Bläser
4 Choräle für Bläser

Four Chorales for Wind Instruments
4 Chorales for Winds

Chorale, Sacred Music
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Scored for flexible wind quartet, small wind ensemble and full wind band.

1. For Eternity (In Ewigkeit)
2. Comfort and Thanks (Trost und Dank)
3. Final Farewell (Letzter Gruss)
4. Gloria

This set includes the following parts:

1 x Score in C (Organ)
3 x 1st part in C (Fute)
1 x 1st part in C (Oboe, C-Trumpet)
3 x 1st Clarinet in Bb (only for Orchestra)
3 x 2nd Clarinet in Bb (only for Orchestra)
3 x 3rd Clarinet in Bb (only for Orchestra)
2 x 1st part in Eb (Alto-Saxophone, Clarinet)
6 x 1st part in Bb (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Clarinet, Cornet)
6 x 2nd part in Bb (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Clarinet, Cornet)
3 x 2nd part in Eb (Alto-Saxophone, Horn)
2 x 2nd part in F (Horn)
2 x 3rd part in Eb (Alto-Saxophone, Horn)
2 x 3rd part in F (Horn)
6 x 3rd part in Bb (Tenorhorn , Tenor Saxophone, Bb-Trombone)
3 x 3rd part in C (Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium)
3 x 4th part in Bb (Trombone, Baritone, Bb-Bass)
6 x 4th part in C (Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium)
4 x 4th part in C (Bass, Bassoon)
2 x 4th part in Eb (Baritone Saxophone, Eb-Bass)

Drums or Percussion not occupied !


Total time 00:06:16

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