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Kees Vlak

Uncle Sam on Parade


U.S.A. – de Verenigde Staten van Amerika (United States of America) worden in de afkorting vaak slechts de U.S. genoemd. Daaruit is in de omgangstaal de bijnaam „Uncle Sam“ voortgekomen. UNCLE SAM ON PARADE is in ...

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James Barnes

Symphonic Requiem


I. Prologue - The Hornet's Nest (Shiloh, April 1862) II. Marye's Heights (Fredericksburg, December 1862) III. Longstreet's Assault (The Third Day at Gettysburg, July 1863) IV. Apotheosis (Appomattox, ...

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Alan Silvestri / Michael Brown

Captain America March


From the summer blockbuster film Captain America: The First Avenger, composer Alan Silvestri has created a powerful and memorable march based on the main theme. Skillfully adapted for the concert stage by Michael Brown, here is an exciting and ...

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Stephen Leonard Melillo

In A Cause Called "Glorious"


In a Cause Called "Glorious" was composed in commemoration of the Bicentennial of West Point. The United States Military Academy Band, the U.S. Army's oldest active band and the oldest unit at West Point traces its roots to the Revolutionary War. ...

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Kees Vlak

Blow Your Horn


Our band heritage embraces a vast treasure of traditional marches of various styles. The “jazz march” or more generally spoken, the “swinging march” still is more or less an exception. This was exactly the reason why Kees Vlak decided to compose a ...

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John Philip Sousa / Siegfried Rundel

The Gladiator


John Philip Sousa was born in Washington in 1854 as son of a Portuguese father and a German mother. Today he is regarded as "King of March" and wrote more that 100 pieces that became standards for bands all over the world. Also he invented the ...

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Claudio Grafulla / Siegfried Rundel

Washington Grays


Claudio S. Grafulla (1810-1880) was born on Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, and came to the United States when he was 28 years old. There he joined the ranks of the New York Lothiers Brass Band which was later ...

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John Philip Sousa / Siegfried Rundel

The Washington Post


In the company history of “The Washington Post“, one of the major American newspapers, the following entry is shown under the year ‘1889’: “On June 15, at an essay awards ceremony on the mall, United States Marine Band leader John Philip Sousa ...

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James L. Hosay



In zijn komedieachtige mars "East-West-East" laat de Amerikaanse componist James L. Hosay twee werelden botsen: het westerse Amerika en Rusland in het oosten. In muzikaal tegengestelde frasen stuiten de twee (muziek-)culturen op elkaar. ...

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Philip Sparke

Sunrise at Angel's Gate


"Sunrise at Angel’s Gate" was commissioned by Colonel Finley Hamilton, conductor of the United States Army Field Band, and first performed by them in March 2001. Philip Sparke provides the following composer’s notes: “In October 1999, I was ...

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Hans Kolditz

American Journal


Titel: 1. Oh When The Saints Go Marching In 2. Home in the range 3. Old Mac Donald 4. Old Virginia 5. Yellow Rose of Texas 6. Beautiful Dreamer 7. Yankee doodle 8. Swanee ...

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Leonard Bernstein / Manfred Schneider

West Side Story
(A Symphonic Portrait)


Includes: 1. Maria 2. Cool 3. America 4. Tonight 5. One Hand, One Heart 6. Something's Coming 7. ...

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Zbysek Bittmar

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen


"Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen" is a popular American spiritual, written by an unknown composer. Zbysek Bittmar created an effective and beautiful wind band arrangement with a flexible solo group. You can eather perform it with ...

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Hermann Xaver Egner

Oh yes, Lord!


Wie so oft bei der Volksmusik sind die Ursprünge der Negro-Spirituals unbekannt. Die älteste Sammlung stammt aus den sechziger Jahren des 19. Jahrhunderts, sicher wurden sie aber schon viel früher gesungen. Viele Spirituals der amerikanischen ...

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Leonard Bernstein / Michael Sweeney

West Side Story (Music from)


Still the musical by which all others are judged, Leonard Bernstein's masterpiece provides songs with musical depth and substance that transcend all style boundaries. Michael Sweeney does an amazing job of keeping the authenticity intact with ...

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