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Ernst Sachse / Zbysek Bittmar

Concertino für Posaune


Ernst Sachse played the trombone in the Saxon court orchestra and was also first solo trombonist in Weimar. He often worked with Franz Liszt and was in the orchestra which first performed Richard Wagner's »Lohengrin« on 28 August 1855. ...

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Jaroslav Zeman

Trombone Show


"Trombone Show" by Jaroslav Zeman is a sweeping solo for four trombones and concert band, with different musical styles. The composition begins with a energetic march before a slow swing leads over to a temperamental mambo. With the march sounds of ...

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Walter Schneider / Walter Tuschla

Happy Trombones


"Happy Trombones" by Walter Schneider is a great and entertaining Polka-Dixie for 3 trombones and concert band. This funny piece suits both light music programs and concert programs and will surely delight the ...

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John Higgins

The Trombone Rag


From the creative mind of John Higgins comes this spirited feature for your trombone section. Set in a lighthearted Dixieland style, it includes band parts that are easy to prepare and has plenty of room for your soloists to ...

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Vladislav Blazhevich / Frank D. Cofield

Valse de Concert
for Trombone Quartet


Instrumentation: Full Score 1st Trombone in B.C. 2nd Trombone in B.C. 3rd Trombone in B.C. 4th Trombone in ...

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Ensemble (koper) US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe
Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow / Mikhail Protsenko

Concerto for Trombone


Das Posaunenkonzert von Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow wurde im Jahre 1877 komponiert. Es besteht aus 3 Sätzen: 1. Allegro vivace 2. Andante cantabile 3. Allegro-Allegretto Die Sätze 2 und 3 ...

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Hale A. VanderCook

Trombone Gems


"Trombone Gems" is a wonderful book that will take you through some great pieces of music with a piano accompaniment as well as a CD for you to play along with. These pieces are ideal for performances and recitals, and are also superb for ...

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Solo & Piano, Meespeelboeken US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe

Arban Famous Method for Trombone and Baritone B.C.
(MP3 + PDF's download)


Method for Trombone and Baritone B.C. (Revised for Trombone by Charles L. Randall and Simone Mantia). Edited by Alan Raph Arban's fundamental method book for trumpet was first published in 1864 and has held a top spot in trumpet studies ever since. ...

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Solo, Lesrmethodes US 9x12 (229x305mm) Ober-/Höchststufe Lezen
Charles Gounod / G.W. Lotzenhiser

March of a Marionette
for Trombone Quartet


Instrumentation: Full Score 1st Trombone in B.C. 2nd Trombone in B.C. 3rd Part: 3rd Trombone in B.C. or Baritone in B.C. / T.C. 4th Part: 4th Trombone in B.C. or Tuba in ...

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Ensemble (koper) US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe
Claire W. Johnson

Red Canyons
for Trombone/Baritone (B.C./T.C.) & Piano


Trombone/Baritone (B.C. or T.C.) + ...

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Solo & Piano US 9x12 (229x305mm) Unter-/Mittelstufe
Henry Fillmore / Loras Schissel

Lassus Trombone


The Loras Schissel arrangement of Henry Fillmore’s “Lassus Trombone” has been around in unpublished form for quite a few years. It has been the arrangement of choice of many of the top service and professional bands. Now available in published form ...

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Harmonie-orkest US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe Horen Lezen
Gerald Bordner

Second Book of Practical Studies for Trombone


This book of original exercises is the sequel to the first book in this series. The etudes are a mixture of the rhythmic pattern and solo type. Problems of rhythm, technic, and range are dealt with logically and progressively and with ample preparation. ...

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Lesrmethodes US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe Lezen
Mojmír Zednik / Pavel Stanek

Serenade für Posaune


"Serenade for Trombone" by Mojmír Zednik is a great piece that demands both excellent emotional playing and precise technical abilities of the soloist. The composition is written in three parts (slow-fast-slow) and is a precious enhancement of the ...

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Bert Appermont

Colors for Trombone


Dit werk werd geschreven voor de Belgische trombonist Ben Haemhouts en gecreëerd in Ravels (B) op 29 december 1998. Dit virtuoze werk is onderverdeeld in 4 "kleuren": "yellow", "Red", "Blue" en "Green". Eke kleur typeert een muzikale beweging met ...

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Harmonie-orkest US 9x12 (229x305mm) Ober-/Höchststufe Horen Lezen
Claire W. Johnson

Moods Varietal
for Trombone/Baritone (B.C./T.C.) & Piano


- NO LONER AVAILABLE - Trombone/Baritone (B.C. or T.C.) + ...

Solo & Piano US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe