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Philip Sparke

Almshouse Street Blues


Almshouse Street Blues is geschreven voor de brassband van de Monmouth School (Monmouth is een stadje dat is gelegen op de grens van Wales en Engeland). De leden van de brassband mochten van tevoren stemmen over het type werk dat voor hen ...

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Henry Purcell / Albert Loritz

Suite from Abdelazer and The Double Dealer


Eine abwechslungsreiche Suite mit Stücken des berühmten englischen Komponisten. Besonders der 3. Satz ist seit der Verwendung in Benjamin Brittens "Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra" ...

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Georg Friedrich Händel / Pavel Stanek

Un Poco Larghetto


Pavel Stanék was born in 1927 in Prague. He finished his studies at the conservatory there, in 1950, and from this year up to 1954 he was conductor of the Folk Ensemble. During his military service he conducted the Central Band of the Ministery of ...

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Edward Elgar / Michael Kummer

Pomp and Circumstance No. 3 op.39


De Engelse componist Edward Elgar schreef zijn vijf Pomp and Circumstance-marsen tussen 1901 en 1930 - toen de macht van Engeland wereldwijd groot was. March No. 3 in C klein werd uitgegeven in 1905. Na een snel hoofddeel volgt een cantabile ...

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William Byrd / Philip Sparke

The Earl of Oxford's March


My Lady Nevells Book uit 1591 bevat een aantal werken van William Byrd die waarschijnlijk waren gecomponeerd in de 25 jaren daarvoor, inclusief de verhalende suite The Battell. De programmatische muziek van The Battell is zeldzaam in Byrds oeuvre, ...

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Harmonie-orkest US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Horen Lezen
James Swearingen

Covington Square


A strong flavor of the English countryside highlights the first half of the piece as both upper woodwinds and trumpets combine to provide thematic material that is both fun and ...

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Ian Broudie / Heinz Briegel

Football's Coming Home


"Three Lions" was the official song of the English football national team during the European Championship in 1996. Since then the title is a standard for singing fans. The lyrics of the chorus are "it's coming home, football's ...

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Joseph Haydn / Albert Loritz



Aus dem Zyklus der "Sechs Londoner Sinfonien". Haydn konnte im Londoner Sinfonieorchester mit einem beachtlichen Anteil an Bläsern rechnen, so daß die Originalpartitur der Sinfonie eine komplette "klassische ...

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Albert Loritz

Old English Tunes and Airs


There are many beautiful compositions in old English music that have never reached a deserved level of awareness. This suite of “Old English Tunes and Airs” contains unknown pieces of less famous composers that are in no way inferior to ...

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Manfred Schneider / Traditional / Gerd Huber / Manfred Schneider

Amazing Grace


Manfred Schneider created a beautiful and moving arrangement of one of the most famous folk songs in the world. The accordion orchestra version of this piece is combinable with the concert band ...

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George Doughty / Peter Schad

Grandfather's Clock


Variationen über die bekannte Volksweise GRANDFATHERS CLOCK (Großvaters Uhr) als Solo für Piccolo-Flöte (Eb-Klarinette) und Tenorhorn (Bariton / Horn / Fagott / Bassklarinette) & Blasorchester. Komponiert und bearbeitet von ...

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Philip Sparke

The Centurion


The Centurion was commissioned in 1988 by the KM (Gillingham) Brass Band from Kent, England to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The new, revised version was made in 2000. Lively and up-beat in nature, The Centurion follows conventional British ...

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Harmonie-orkest US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittel-/Oberstufe Horen Lezen
Malcolm Binney

Four Character Studies


Fagin's Ball - Nancy's Lament - Sairey - Bozmania Master Humphrey's Clock was commissioned by the Kent Youth Wind Orchestra, and draws on Dickens's Kent for its inspiration. The four widely contrasted Character Studies comprise its finale and ...

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Robert W. Smith



Robert W. Smith, in tribute to the great composer, has crafted a setting for the concert band of Wassail Song in the style of Vaughan Williams. Beginning with a lively solo statement of the melody, the clarinet choir introduces the song in its ...

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