Landespolizeiorchester Brandenburg

Landespolizeiorchester Brandenburg


The Brandenburg Police Band:
Brandenburg’s professional police wind orchestra

The Brandenburg Police Band (Landespolizeiorchester Brandenburg / LPO), based in Potsdam, resulted from the fusion of the police bands of Potsdam and Frankfurt an der Oder in 1998. It is regarded as one of the leading professional wind orchestras in Germany and has gained an excellent reputation outside Brandenburg itself in the areas of concert performances as well as light music.

The orchestra, which numbers 48 professional musicians altogether, is an integral part of the Brandenburg police force and, in its special function, has a necessary and significant task to fulfil in the context of effective and therefore supportive police work. Culture and education are the fundamental pillars of peaceful co-existence for all. The preventive concept of the Land of Brandenburg – employing a cultural and educational institution within the police force to enable partnership and a well-thought out rapprochement not only between citizens, but also between citizens and the police – is a far-sighted and extremely effective policy for Brandenburg, as experience repeatedly shows.

As a proverb says,
“Where there is music, there can be no discord!”

This approach provides the motivation for and key to the work of the Brandenburg Police Band. By using the universally accessible language of music, this ensemble aims and succeeds in addressing people wherever they are and as they are, on behalf of the police and of the Land of Brandenburg. This is what makes the Police Band special, but also necessary.

In over 200 performances per year throughout Brandenburg the Orchestra repeatedly succeeds in transforming concerts into educative and cultural experiences for everyone through its different modes of instrumentation and the corresponding diversity of musical styles. The immense demand for the Band’s performances, booked-out concert venues, and numerous recordings, TV and radio productions are all proof of the great popularity which the Brandenburg Police Band enjoys.

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