Fantasia di Natale


Fantasia di Natale

Christmas in Italy
Weihnachten in Italien

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Christmas - Il Natale - probably the most important festival in Bella Italia. The Italians are known for their distinct sense of family, their enthusiasm to celebrate and, probably because of their proximity to the Vatican, their religiosity. Therefore, it is not surprising that one celebrates Christmas in Italy about four times. It starts on December 6, Santa Nicola, when the Christmas tree is already set up. A week later, on December 13th, one remembers Santa Lucia, the messenger of light. On the 24th of December after a family celebration and dinner is the Christmas Mass, which starts December 25th, the most important holiday in Italy. If the Christ child, Gesù bambino, has not brought any gifts until then, one must wait until Epiphany, because then a witch on a broomstick that slips through the fireplace at night brings something to the good little and big children and hides it in shoes. Another tradition was that shepherds traveled from the mountains to villages and towns nine days before Christmas and sang their songs accompanied by Italian bagpipe (Zampogna) and shawm (Ciaramella). And for such a traditional Neapolitan Christmas carol, Luigi di Ghisallo chooses to enter his “Fantasia di Natale”. The pastoral “Canzone d'i Zampognari” reflects, both in sound and rhythm, Christmas shepherd music. A short movement by “Canto dei Pastori”, thematically and in its delicate simplicity suitable for the canzone, leads with the woodwinds to Tutti. This one shines with the popular song “Gesù Bambin L'e Nato”, which has its tradition in the Italian region of Cavanese. The devout chorale tells the Christmas message with numerous time changes, which are constantly based on quarter notes. The conclusion of the fantasy is the traditional Christmas carol “Dormi, O Bel Bambin”. According to the original, with a soloist introduction supported by a choir, which is taken by a delicate female voice, the woodwinds sound with soft, sweet cantilenas. The chorus changes according to its lyrics in the sense of a cradle or lullaby feel to a swinging, dancing three-eight-beat and ends up being so tender and quiet that one is convinced that he sang the baby Jesus to sleep. And now pssst, be quiet!, on Epiphany the witch finally puts only charcoal in the shoes of naughty children.

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