Wendelin Kopetzky

06.04.1844  in Petzka (Böhmen)
18.05.1899  in Smíchov bei Prag


The career of the Imperial and Royal Military Bandmaster Wendelin Kopetzky began in Field Rifle Battalion No. 29. From there he went to the navy (1869-1871). Most of the time, however, he served as regimental bandmaster (1871-1899) with the 73rd Infantry Regiment; the chief recruiting district of the regiment was Cheb. In that garrison he composed the famous “Regimental March of the Imperial and Royal Infantry Regiment Wilhelm Duke of Württemberg Nr. 73 with Words in Local Cheb Vernacular”. This piece is generally known as “Egerländer Marsch” (“March of the Cheb Region”). If you consider the number of recordings of this sparkling piece, the march appears to be much more popular in Germany than in Austria.

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