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Marche de concert, Marche Traditionelle, Marche de défilé, Marche
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Karl Komzák II was regimental bandmaster with Infantry Regiment (IR) 7 and from 1882 to 1892 he served with IR 84 in Vienna and in Mostar. After leaving the army, he conducted the renowned Baden spa orchestra. When Austro-Hungarian band music had reached its zenith towards the end of the 19 th century, the activities of bandmaster Komzák together with the band of the 84th Regiment marked this period’s true apogee. When competing with the other regimental bands, especially that of the Deutschmeister Regiment which had been under the baton of C.M. Ziehrer since 1885, Komzák succeeded in acquiring an outstanding renown within a short span of time on account of his immaculate programming, the superb musicianship of his band, and also by performing his own compositions. Wherever Komzák and his men performed, the young conductor and composer was greatly acclaimed. He was not only admired by his audiences but by his colleagues alike. Johann Strauss for example recognized the capabilities him in high esteem as a superb performer of his music. It consequently is comprehensible that period sources stated that it was a musical pleasure indeed to listen to his band. His epithet of “philharmonic musician in uniform” reveals much of the recognition he met with. In this context it must also be emphasized that he was bestowed upon the rare title of an honorary bandmaster of IR 84 in 1886. The “Vindobona March” (on Popular Airs), op. 127 with its subtitle “Let us Enjoy Life” was written during his engagement with IR 84. The allusion to “popular airs” reveals that Komzák did not only use musical material of his own. Quite to the contrary, he deliberately incorporated well-known songs such as “Vindobona, magnificent city” by Johann Schrammel in the trio.

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