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Our Director


Marche de concert, Marche
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When the LP “Marches for Twirling” that was performed by the Eastman Wind Ensemble under the baton of the legendary Frederick Fennell became available in Germany in the early 1960s, one of the finest American marches attracted attention here. It was “Our Director” by F.E. Bigelow.

Frederick Ellsworth Bigelow (1873-1929) learned to play clarinet and saxophone already as a young boy. Together with his four brothers he was regarded an outstanding musician. From 1892-1894 he played in the Ashland Brass Band (Massachusetts) which was conducted by Jospeh Morrisette at that time. After that period he became a lifetime member of the famous Salem Cadet Band directed by Jean Missud – he is known in the United States as a famous composer, director and publisher - at that time. However, for many years F.E. Bigelow operated his own pharmacy in Salem, as he actually was a pharmacist by profession.

Bigelow composed the march “Our Director” for Joseph Morrisette, director of the Ashland Brass Band in 1892. Within a short span of time, the march became so popular that editions were distributed for rather unusual instruments such as banjo or cello. It was the trio of the march that evidently attracted especial attention, as it was adopted as fight song and alma mater by several universitites and colleges and was widely used as curtain raiser and exit music in silent films. It was even used as a patriotic song called the “Battle Song of Liberty” during World War I.

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