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From the series LA MUSICA BOEMA II.

Brass Sextet for 3 trumpets and 3 trombones

Review of CD "La Musica Bohema II" in ITG Journal March 2010
The brass section of the Czech Philharmonic has released a wonderful collection of Bohemian music spanning the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The source music is pulled from organ, piano, vocal, and orchestra scores by eminent Bohemian composers; altough, with the exception of Frantisek (Franz) Xaver Richter, none are particularly well known to today's listeners. The forms and harmonies of these works, however, are quite familiar to our ears and are skillfully preserved in these arrangements by Jiri Linha. Rather than arrange for full brass ensemble, Linha has scored these works as chamber music for anywhere from three to nine instruments in a variety of combinations not often programmed (four horns; three trumpets, two trombones; three trumpets, four horns, tuba, for example).
In his informative liner notes Linha suggests that these arrangements serve both the student and professional chamber ensemble equally well; the harmonies, ranges, and technical requirements are interesting and pleasing to the audience without placing excessive demands on the performers. To that end, all of the arrangements are available from Musikverlag RUNDEL.
The performances on this recording are excellent, particularly in terms of phrasing and intonation. The engeneering balances the ensembles quite well, creating a live sound while managing to preserve clarity in the tuba and horns. Though perhaps difficult to find, this recording and these arrangements, should be of interest to all brass chamber ensembles. (Daniel Kelly, assistant professor of trumpet, the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS)

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