Burlesque e Cantabile

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Burlesque e Cantabile

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Pavel Stanék, who was born in 1927, counts as one of the most important and popular composers in European wind music today. With his oeuvre he has not only influenced Czech and Bohemian wind music, but also enriched symphonic wind music internationally through his enthralling melodies, his fiery dance tunes and his opulent harmonies.

He became acquainted with the specific nature of wind music as early as 1954 on being appointed conductor of what was then the Music Corps of the Czechoslovakian Ministry of the Interior (now known as the Band of the Castle Guard). Although he took over the post of principal conductor of the Radio Orchestra in Ostrava in 1964, he has remained loyal to wind music all his life. His appearances as guest conductor with many wind ensembles not only in Northern Bohemia, but also in Germany and Austria demonstrate his expertise in the performance of wind music.
Despite his considerable open-mindedness with regard to different currents of modern music, including jazz, Stanék’s composing activities remain linked to his native Bohemia. This is where his roots lie, and the almost inexhaustible wealth of melodies which once influenced Dvo?ák and Smetana also forms the basis of his music.
The work "Burlesque e Cantabile" is a particularly humorous composition in three parts. With wit and gentle irony Stanék takes up earthy, rural motifs such as can be experienced at village festivals, not only in the Czech Republic. In the contrast between rather rustic rhythms and gentle melodies the listener can make out male and female elements in the music which are particularly amusing. At the same time, the composer demonstrates his wonderful skill in writing and has left nothing to the chance of routine. The central section takes the listener into a beautiful, rolling landscape of sound which arouses a desire for green meadows and rustling forests and entices him to dream. Stanék has no hesitation about awakening romantic feelings in his listeners through his music and transporting them into another world through its suggestive sounds. "Burlesque e Cantabile" is one of the most impressive works to have been written for advanced level in recent years.

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