Anton Blaton

10.01.1862  in Petrowitz (Schlesien)
09.01.1940  in Pomáz


Anton Blaton studied both in Prague and at the Budapest Music Academy. He then was employed for a short time in Opava and Dresden as a theater musician. After that he embarked on the career of a military musician in 1881. At first he served as a solo flugelhorn and violin player with various regiments. Finally he was employed as regimental bandmaster of IR 82 in 1896 and remained with this regiment until the end of World War I. After 1918 he served for some time as Royal Hungarian director of music.
His most famous composition is the “Schemua March” that was probably composed as a dedicatory piece in the garrison of Mostar (today located in Bosnia) between 1906 and 1910. There three battalions of IR 82 were attached to the 1st Mountain Brigade that was subordinate to the 18th Infantry Troop Division. At that time its commander was Feldzeugmeister (this Austro-Hungarian rank corresponds to a lieutenant general) Blasius Schemua (1856-1920).

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