World in Color

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World in Color

Berthold Schick und seine Allgäu6

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Berthold Schick und seine Allgäu6

Straight Fit (Kraas) - Downtown (arr. Schwalgin) - Sweet Memory (Ericsen) - 36.5° C (Kraas) - My Dream (Leitner) - Sweet Caroline (arr. Schwalgin) - World in Color (Kraas) - Under the Boardwalk (arr. Schwalgin) - The Book of Love (arr. Scharnagl) - Get Up and Go (Schwalgin) - Puppet on a String (arr. Schwalgin) - Hey Jude (arr. Scharnagl)


01. Straight Fit
- Rock for Brass Ensemble - Thiemo Kraas
00:02:27 Music
02. Downtown
- as performed by Petula Clark - Tony Hatch  /  Stefan Schwalgin
00:03:04 Music
03. Sweet Memory
- Solo for Trombone - Lars Ericsen

Solo: Berthold Schick

00:03:30 Music
04. 36.5° C
- Latin Groove for Brass Ensemble - Thiemo Kraas
00:01:59 Music
05. My Dream
- Solo for Flugelhorn - Peter Leitner

Solo: Markus Dopfer

00:01:59 Music
06. Sweet Caroline
- as performed by Neil Diamond - Neil Diamond  /  Stefan Schwalgin
00:03:36 Music
07. World in Color
- Pop Ballad for Brass Ensemble - Thiemo Kraas
00:02:36 Music
08. Under the Boardwalk
- as performed by The Drifters - Stefan Schwalgin
00:02:25 Music
09. The Book of Love
- as performed by Peter Gabriel - Stephin Merritt  /  Stefan Schwalgin
00:03:35 Music
10. Get Up and Go
- Rock for Brass Ensemble - Stefan Schwalgin
00:03:07 Music
11. Puppet on a String
- as performed by Sandie Shaw - Stefan Schwalgin
00:02:23 Music
12. Hey Jude
- as performed by The Beatles - John Lennon  /  Paul McCartney  /  Martin Scharnagl
00:03:36 Music
Total time 00:34:17

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