What A Wonderful World

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What A Wonderful World

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ABBA In Concert - Coming Home (Ballad for Soprano Saxophone) - What A Wonderful World - You Raise Me Up (Vocal Solo) - Wade In The Water (Gospel Rock for Band) - The Little Drummer Boy - White Christmas - Schlittenfahrt in den Alpen (An Alpine Sleighride) - Venite Adoremus (O Come All Ye Faithful / Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen) - Mary's Boy Child (A Christmas Calypso) - Winter Wonderland (Christmas Swing) - Spiritual Song (Based on an Old English Tune)


01. ABBA In Concert (Medley)

S.O.S. - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - I Have A Dream - Money, Money, Money - Thank You For The Music
(arr. Heinz Briegel)

00:09:35 Music
03. What A Wonderful World

G.D. Weiss & R. Thiele (arr. Heinz Briegel)

00:03:55 Music
04. You Raise Me Up (Vocal Solo)

B. Graham & R. Lovland (arr. Heinz Briegel)

00:03:07 Music
06. Little Drummer Boy (Fantasy)

Traditional (arr. Thomas Berghoff)

00:02:45 Music
07. White Christmas

Irving Berlin (arr. Heinz Briegel)

00:03:21 Music
11. Winter Wonderland (Christmas Swing)

Felix Bernard (arr. Heinz Briegel)

00:03:09 Music
Total time 00:46:44

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