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Thema aus der Mini-Oper "Der Spaßvogel"

Solo for Tuba, Solo für Trompete, Opera, Solo for Xylophone, Solo for Vibraphone, Solo for Marimba, Solo for Euphonium, Solo for Flute, Solo for Mallets, Solo for Tenorhorn, Solo for Baritone/Euphonium, Solo for Flugelhorn, Solo, Variations
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Alfred Boesendorfer wrote these comic variations on a melody from his mini-opera “Der Spassvogel / The Jester” (for children choir and concert band). The story concerns how the jester seeks to pursue a young woman. Boesendorfer had the idea that the “Spassvogel“ would like time for himself, as he always has to be humorous and entertaining for others. So he wrote this work in order for the jester to be free for a while.
The variations begin with a march representing the “Spassvogel” theme from the mini-opera. But now the jester is allowed to freely change this theme, and it moves faster and faster and adds many more notes. The middle pauses for a slow and gloomy variation. For the first time, the “Spassvogel” experiences sadness and enjoys that new feeling. Soon, though the happy “Spassvogel” returns and the piece concludes in a show of joyous virtuousity.

Alfred Boesendorfer wrote the solo part for different instruments:
Flute, Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Cornet, Tenor Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Mallets (chimes, marimba, vibraphone, xylophone).

From S to XXL – Music for any band instrumentation

"Basic Sound" is a series by RUNDEL Music Publications offering an attractive and diversified repertoire to bands at grade 2 or 3 level, of sizes S to XXL. "Basic Sound" allows for performances by groups with limited instrumentation. Minimun requirements are clearly bracketed in the score.
The smallest size (S) of "Basic Sound" is based on the following instruments:
one (1) flute, two (2) clarinets, one (1) alto-saxophone, two (2) trumpets, one (1) trombone, one (1) baritone/euphonium, one (1) tuba and percussion.
Each edition also includes a full set of parts (XXL). That way the conductor can adjust the pieces of the "Basic Sound" series to his band's instrumentation.

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