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Simply More Sparke

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Soft-shoe Shuffle - Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Pastoral Hymn - The Painted Desert - La Caracola - Prof. Googleheimer`s Clarinet Polka - Battle Pavan - See, Amid the Winter`s Snow - Mexican Holiday - A Repton Fantasy - Rockin` Trumpets - O Holy Night - Parade of the Clockwork Soldiers - In the Bleak Mid-'Winter - Meditation - Land of Hope and Glory - Mandalen Landscapes - When the Spirit Soars - A Klezmer Karnival - Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair - An English Sea Song Suite


01. Soft-shoe Shuffle

Philip Sparke

00:02:38 Music
02. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Philip Sparke

00:02:51 Music
03. Pastoral Hymn
(from 'Symphony No. 6')

Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. Philip Sparke

00:02:21 Music
04. The Painted Desert

Philip Sparke

00:03:43 Music
05. La Caracolá
(Flamenco for Band)

Philip Sparke

00:02:08 Music
06. Prof. Googleheimer`s Clarinet Polka

Philip Sparke

00:01:59 Music
07. Battle Pavan
(from 'The Danserye'

Tilman Susato, arr. Philip Sparke

00:02:32 Music
08. See, Amid the Winter`s Snow

John Goss, arr. Philip Sparke

00:02:39 Music
09. Mexican Holiday

Philip Sparke

00:01:34 Music
10. A Repton Fantasy
(For Eb or bb soloist - based on the hymn tune 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind')

C. Hubert H. Parry, arr. Philip Sparke

00:03:19 Music
11. Rockin' Trumpets
(A trumpet section feature)

Philip Sparke

00:02:21 Music
12. O Holy Night

Adolphe Adam, arr. Philip Sparke

00:03:40 Music
13. Parade of the Clockwork Soldiers

Phlip Sparke

00:04:22 Music
14. In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Gustav Holst, arr. Philip Sparke

00:03:44 Music
15. Meditation
(A saxophone feature based on the 'Passion Chorale')

Hans Leo Hassler, arr. Philip Sparke

00:04:11 Music
16. Land of Hope and Glory

Edward Elgar, arr. Philip Sparke

00:02:02 Music
17. Mandalen Landscapes

Philip Sparke

00:05:57 Music
18. When the Spirit Soars

Phlip Sparke

00:04:21 Music
19. A Klezmer Karnival

Philip Sparke

00:04:27 Music
20. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

Stephen Foster, arr. Philip Sparke

00:03:45 Music
21-24. An English Sea Song Suite
21-1. The Saucy Arethusa
22-2. Farewell and Adieu (Spanish Ladies)
23-3. Tom Bowling
24-4. Jack's the Lad (The Sailor's Hornpipe)

Philip Sparke

00:08:52 Music
Total time 01:13:26

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