Siegfried Translateur

Siegfried Translateur

19.06.1875  in Bad Carlsruhe (Oberschlesien)
01.03.1944  in Theresienstadt


Salo Siegfried Translateur was von in Bad Carlsruhe (Upper Silesia) on June 19, 1875. He was a German composer, conductor and music publisher. He studied in Wroclaw, Vienna and Leipzig. In 1909, he moved to Berlin and two years later he founded his own music publishing company "Lyra", publishing his own compositions but also music of other composers.
Siegfried Translateur's most famous piece is the waltz "Wiener Praterleben". He wrote that piece already in 1892 as a seventeen-year-old, but the waltz gained great popularity in 1920, when it was performed at the six day race of Berlin with the title "Sportpalastwalzer".
After the National Socialists had seized power, Siegfried Translateur was excluded from the Reich Chamber of Music because he was classified as a "half-Jew". He had to close his "non-Aryan" company. Later he was deported to Terezín and died there in the spring of 1944.

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