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A Dramatic Intermezzo
Solo for Baritone or Trombone & Band

Solo for Trombone, Solo for Euphonium, Solo for Baritone/Euphonium, Solo
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Hal Leonard
US 9x12 (229x305mm)
Full Score + Condensed Score + Parts
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"Seascape" was written for the noted Baritone and Trombone soloist, Hunter N. Wiley, and was first performed at a concert given in connection with the annual convention of the Florida Composers' League on March 16th, 1962, with Mr. Wiley as soloist and the composer conducting the University of Tampa Symphonic Band.

Alfred Reed has termed this score a "Dramatic Intermezzo", and the music unites the lyric and dramatic moods through three themes, developed in a free, rhapsodic manner.
The first theme is presented immediately by the full band, in D minor, shifting to a long pedal point on C, over which the Clarinets present the second theme, in a downward series of triads. This leads to the first entrance of the soloist, returning to the first theme and developing it at greater length than its first statement, after which the second theme returns as an interlude, leading to the third theme, a long, lyric melody sung by the soloist and later by the full band. At the conclusion of this section, after a little "codetta" presented by the solist, the band begins a long build-up, based on a development of the first theme, to a great climax statement of the second theme and, as this dies away, the soloist returns with a fantasia-like section built on the first and, subsequently, the third themes. Following this lyric development, the first theme returns, together with a fragment of the second, to close the work, continually fading away as it reaches the D minor tonality with which the music opened and the toal cycle is>
The score attemps a welding together of solo instrument and band into a continuous musical texture, with both parts of equal importance, so that there is no pure "accompaniment" as such. The thematic material passes almost constantly back and forth between the soloist and the band, and the individual colors of the modern, balanced concertband are exploited to their fullest against the predominating tone of the Baritone (or Trombone) solist.

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