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Louis Prima / Dick Ravenal

Sing, Sing, Sing


Arranger Dick Ravenal made an ingenious arrangement of the worldfamous hit by singer and composer Louis Prima. This swing piece was originally composed for the movie The Benny Goodman Story. Typical Benny Goodman riffs are used right from the start. ...

Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe
Fritz Neuböck

A Window to the World


"A Window to the World" is based on the joyful South African folk tune “Yakanaka Vhangeri”, which means “Let’s sing and dance together!” Fritz Neuböck wrote that message into a creative and entertaining ...

90,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Kurt Gäble



Zum 125-jährigen Jubiläum der Stadt Velburg 2016 „Velburg“ ist eine fröhliche Marschpolka mit Gesang, die Kurt Gäble zum 125-jährigen Jubiläum der Stadtkapelle Velburg im Jahr ...

60,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Zacar / Pavel Stanek

Tränen lügen nicht


„Tränen lügen nicht" (Tears don't lie / Soleado) was a German hit in 1974, sung by pop singer Michael Holm. Only few people know that the song is a cover version and that the original version was a instrumental piece called ...

70,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Amanda McBroom / Conny Rall

The Rose


"The Rose" was a big hit by singer Bette Midler in 1980. It is the title song of the same-named movie about blues legend Janis Joplin (1943-1970). Bette Midler also played the title role in the movie. For vocal solo (ad ...

70,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Rainhard Fendrich / Kurt Gäble



This is a wonderful ballad by Austrian singer, songwriter and actor Rainhard Fendrich. Move your audience with Kurt Gäble's beautiful arrangement for concert band and optional solo vocal! For vocal solo (ad lib.) and ...

70,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Piet Swerts



This delightful new composition takes its inspiration from the classic French swash buckling tale of Cyrano de Bergerac and his fight to win the love of the beautiful maiden Roxane. The subject was a perfect departure point for composing a ...

410,00 €
Concert Band DIN A3 (Score) + DIN A4 (Parts) Ober-/Höchststufe Listen Read
Gerd Köthe / Roland Heck / Johan de Meij

The Glory of Love


"The Glory of Love is a great, very emotional and effective piece, masterly arranged for concert band by Johan de Meij, with the potential to become a real "band classic". Tenor Siegfried Jerusalem is mainly known as an ...

70,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Leonard Cohen / Heinz Briegel



”Hallelujah” is probably one of the most renowned pop ballads ever. The original version by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen dates from 1984. The emotional song is about biblical topics, such as the secret melody that King David had played for ...

75,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Albert Frey / Kurt Gäble

Jesus, berühre mich


Catholic singer-songwriter and music producer Albert Frey (*1964) influences Christian music in Germany since the early 1990’s. He wrote more than 120 compositions and published more than 50 CDs. The main message of his songs is the praise of God ...

46,50 €
Concert Band March / Card Size Unter-/Mittelstufe Listen Read
Luigi di Ghisallo

Christmas Spiritual


CHRISTMAS SPIRITUAL is a modern gospel rock selection. The opening tune "Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow" is an original gospel tune as it is sung by large gospel choirs in the United States. Luigi di Ghisallo adapted the original texture to the ...

46,50 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Unterstufe Listen Read
Markus Götz

Silva Nigra


The protagonists of symphonic wind music today find themselves confronted with certain tensions which result from the problems of orientation in terms of content and form. Modernists, who see their writing in the context of the experimental ...

120,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Franz Watz

Hand in Hand mit dir


- Selbstwahlstück Europäische Meisterschaften der böhmischen & mährischen Blasmusik 2010 - Oberstufe ...

52,00 €
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Walter Tuschla



Deutsche Volkslieder werden oft mit einer idealisierten ländlichen Kultur und starker Heimatverbundenheimat assoziiert, aber auch in der Vergangenheit nicht selten falsch interpretiert oder missbraucht. Dabei ist Heimat für die meisten ...

50,00 €
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