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Vladimir Studnicka

Beskiden Nocturno


Vladimir Studnicka (*1935) graduated from the conducting class of Professor Soupal and the composition class of Prof. Schreiber at the Music Teaching College in Ostrava. He was then headmaster at the People's School of Art, and from 1975 recording ...

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Martin Scharnagl



Publisher Stefan Rundel and composer Martin Scharnagl developed the idea to produce a beautiful, soft polka with the title “Zeitlos” (timeless). The music should have space for lyrical melodies and expressing big emotions. Martin Scharnagl ...

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Pavel Stanek

Vier Adagios


"4 Agagios" by Pavel Stanék consists of four independent pieces and each is a masterpiece - expressive, sonorous and melodious. They can be used for different occasions and are also suitable for educational aspects in rehearsals. The first ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer

Spiritual Song


"Spiritual Song" by Alfred Bösendorfer is a placid and compelling piece. It is based on an old English tune, known now as “Amazing Grace”. The vocal text is: O how sweet is the sound that comes ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer

Dona Nobis Pacem


DONA NOBIS PACEM is from an old Latin liturgical text offering a prayer to peace. The melody is very calm and peaceful. Alfred Bösendorfer wanted to emphasise the pleading character of the text “Give us peace”, so he added a ...

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Thiemo Kraas



This little nocturne “Abendmond” (evening moon) combines two German folk tunes: “Abend wird es wieder” (It’s evening again) and “Der Mond ist aufgegangen” (The moon has risen). I present the tunes both ...

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Rolf Wiedemann

Die vier Temperamente


Thema und Variationen Variation 1: Der Choleriker Variation 2: Der Phlegmatiker Variation 3: Der Melancholiker Variation 4: Der ...

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Jan Van der Roost

Adagio for Winds


Adagio for Winds is similar in atmosphere to the well-known Canterbury Chorale (also by Jan Van der Roost), in that it has no exaggerated melodrama, but rather a melodically wide and expressive approach. The work is full of beautiful lyrical ...

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Hans Hartwig

DN: Cantabile


Zwei festliche Stücke von Hans Hartwig. DN = Doppelnummer 1. Pastorale (Adagio) (Spielzeit 02:00) 2. Cantabile (Andante) ...

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Fritz Neuböck

San Ludovico


Creating church musical celebrations is one of the most compelling tasks of a wind band. For the 60th birthday of the pastor of his hometown Ebensee am Traunsee (Upper Austria), the Austrian composer Fritz Neuboeck wrote the chorale "San ...

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Marco Pütz

Solitary Prayer
(for Euphonium & Wind Band)


Solitary Prayer was commissioned in 2013 by Dutch euphonium virtuoso Robbert Vos. He wrote me that he was looking for a quiet and slow composition in addition to his new CD program, and so I came up with the idea for Solitary Prayer. The simple ...

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Markus Götz

Adagio for Winds


Markus Goetz blends baroque with romantic elements in this musical meditation for concert band. He encourages the musicians to show their emotions. An interpretation influenced by the individual feelings of the players gives the piece an enormous ...

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Karl Kreith / Miloslav Richter



Die Musizierstunde-Ensemble Time MZ 218 Flute Duets by Karl Kreith (ca. 1746-1803) edited by Miloslav Richter Score - 50 Pages Content: 1. Duet No. 1 - Maestoso 2. Duet No. 1 - ...

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Miloslav Richter

2 Flautisti


Die Musizierstunde-Ensemble Time MZ 226 22 angenehme und leichte Tonstücke zur Unterhaltung gesammelt von Franz Leister editiert für 2 Flöten von Miloslav ...

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Douglas E. Wagner

A Quiet Music


This flowing work commences with dignity and charm. The teaching possibilities, such as legato, control, and dynamic shadings, are limitless. As rewarding to play as it is to hear, "A Quiet Music" will present programming opportunities year ...

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