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Kees Vlak

The Old Fortress


Traveling to Southern France, on the highway to Lyon – l’aoutoroute du soleil – you pass a fortress that dates from the 11th century. It lies high and invulnerable on a rock and is called “La Fortresse Mornas”. ...

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Concert Band, Mixed Ensemble (Woodwinds/Brass) DIN A4 Unterstufe Listen Read
Ed Huckeby

Ancient Echoes


A great concert or contest selection for younger ensembles, "Ancient Echoes" by Ed Huckeby combines the well-known melodic elements of "Simple Gifts" and the Korean folk song "Ahrirang in a well-crafted medley which will delight ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Unterstufe Listen Read
Robert Russell Bennett

Suite of Old American Dances


Leading off the suite, the Cake Walk is a strutting dance based on a march rhythm, often performed at minstrel shows; it originated as a competition among Black dancers to win a cake. The Schottische is a Scotch round dance in 2/4 time, similar to ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen
Stephen Leonard Melillo

Break of the Code


“Break of the Code” sounds like the score to an adventure movie. The hero goes on a quest for a secret – an old Pharaoh’s tomb. Will he eventually break the code and reveal the secret? This small but impressive concert piece ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Unterstufe Listen Read
Kurt Gäble

Dialog der Generationen


Different generations have different perceptions of time and pace of life. Children don’t even think on a certain timescale. They are there, they live for the moment. They don’t know the past, don’t worry about the future. Children ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Hans Hartwig

Aus alter Zeit


Hans Hartwig (1917-2012) created a wonderful medley of historic Marches. Includes: Marsch der finnländischen Reiterei Marsch aus der Zeit Friedrichs des Großen Der Coburger Schwedischer ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Emil Toft / Siegfried Rundel

Ungarns Kinder


When we discovered the march “Ungarns Kinder” (“Children from Hungary”) with the Bürgerkapelle Lana in South Tyrol, it was clear on the one hand that this march was a real gem, on the other hand we were not in the position to provide any data on ...

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Concert Band Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Carl Karl (Carl) / Siegfried Rundel



Ludwig von Mussinan (1826-1908) was a Lieutenant General in the Royal Bavarian Army. Due to his bravery shown in the battle of Sedan during the Franco-German war of 1870/71 he was decorated with the Militär-Max-Joseph-Orden. As a consequence of ...

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Concert Band March / Card Size Mittelstufe Listen Read
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Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen
Otto M. Schwarz

Generations Fanfare


Generations Fanfare was written in a film-musical style on commission for the Bezirksblasmusikverband (Wind Music Federation) Imst in Tirol, Austria. The composer, Otto M. Schwarz, composed this grade 3-4 standard piece in an attempt to make his ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Oliver Waespi



‘Canzun’ is the Rhaeto-Romanic term for ‘song’ or ‘chant’. The work Canzun is based on two songs from the folk tradition of the Alps. In the middle movement, we hear the Canzun della Sontga Margriata, an old song from ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Thiemo Kraas



Dieses Werk ist eine Hommage an die unzähligen Amateur(blas)orchester auf der Welt, deren Mitglieder dem gemeinsamen Musizieren ihre kostbare Freizeit opfern. Der Name Experience ist ein Dankeschön an die Älteren, die mit ihrer Erfahrung eine ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Read
James L. Hosay

Veni Emmanuel


The Advent song “Veni Emmanuel” (O come, Emmanuel) dates back to the 14th century. It expresses the anticipation of all Christians for the Birth of Jesus Christ. Over time there have been many different lyrics and translations of this song. ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Thomas Doss

The Spirit of Youth


Europe's broad cultural heritage is a valuable possession that should be protected.We stand before the enormous challenge of creating a unity of East and West while at the same time maintaining the long established cultural diversity. After all, ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
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Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read