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Thomas Doss

A Little Suite of Horror


A Little Suite of Horror is an easy suite for beginner bands, consisting of five contrasting movements. With this piece it is also possible to pick and choose only a few movements to showcase at a concert as well. The story behind this ...

121,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Unter-/Mittelstufe Listen Read
Pavel Stanek

A Fairy Tale Suite


Pavel Stanék is one of those composers who often feels overwhelmed by the music which dwells inside him. They often have to choose a title for a new work that already exists in manuscript form. The idea for this composition therefore does not go ...

85,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Markus Götz

The Golden Lion


Animals are very important in Chinese mythology. Markus Goetz dedicates his wind band composition to the golden lion, as seen in many temples and palaces in China. Powerful and strong, yet elegant and sublime, this also describes the musical ...

65,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Unterstufe Listen Read
José Alberto Pina

The Ghost Ship


The Ghost Ship is based on the SS American Star transatlantic shipwreck. The ship was hit by a heavy storm and when it was being towed, the tug cut the cable for no apparent reason and the American Star went adrift. After several days without being ...

224,70 €
Concert Band DIN A3 (Score) + DIN A4 (Parts) Ober-/Höchststufe Listen Read
Rob Romeyn

Atlantis: The Lost Continent


The mysterious lost civilization of Atlantis has captured the imagination for generations, and this powerful programmatic work from the pen of Rob Romeyn brings that mystical world to life in music. Beautiful melodies, stark musical contrasts and ...

102,50 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Christophe Beck / Michael Brown

Ant-Man (Theme from)


From the 2015 blockbuster Marvel's Ant-Man, Christophe Beck's main theme is delightfully dark and ominous. This skillfully arranged version for the concert stage brings all the drama of the original to ...

67,50 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe Listen Read
Eva Fodor

Israeli Folk Songs


Eva Fodor writes about “Israeli Folk Songs”: For a long time I had the wish to popularize music from Israel – the country where I grew up. And it always is a central idea of my musical activities to combine different musical ...

95,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Kees Vlak

Halloween Night


HALLOWEEN is celebrated on the night of October 31st, before the feast of All Hallows on November 1st. The name HALLOWEEN is derived from the expression “All Hallows Eve” (eve or even and hallow are older forms of evening and holy). Because of the ...

120,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
James L. Hosay

Prayer and Jubilation


As the title “Prayer and Jubilation” suggests, this piece is one of a spiritual nature. The first part is slow and reflective, almost meditative. The second part is upbeat, joyful and uplifting, similar to what one would experience while ...

80,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Thomas Doss



Cantus is the Latin word for song – and so this piece is a meditation set to music in a melodious vocal style. It should motivate both players and audience to turn their gaze inward, to switch off and let themselves be carried away by the music, ...

137,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Stefan Schwalgin

The Sound of Crime


No blockbuster can do without music. One might almost add: hardly any orchestral concert today can do without film music. Film music in concerts is booming. Crime films in their various forms have long been on the agenda of our viewing habits, ...

140,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Available parts: 3
Accordion Orchestra DIN A4 Oberstufe Read
Markus Götz

Cabo Verde


German composer Markus Götz is a keen observer, so many things he experiences inspire him to write new music. After visiting the Cape Verde Islands off of Africa's Atlantic coast, Götz collected many wonderful impressions into his piece ...

120,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard / Victor Lopez

The Dark Knight (Suite from)


The epic suite from The Dark Knight has been masterfully arranged by Victor López at the concert band level. Retaining the dramatic scoring by the award-winning film scoring team of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, the suite contains ...

99,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe Listen Read
John Barnes Chance

Incantation and Dance


This work consists of two sections, highly contrasted in both length and nature. The Incantation is a short, mournful legato melody. It is full of mystery and expectation, wandering, unstable, and without tonality. Beginning on a misterioso flute ...

147,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Höchststufe Listen Read