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Steve McMillan

Summernight Rock


Summernight Rock von Steve McMillian besticht besonders durch seine markanten Basslinien und seine eingängigen Melodiepassagen. Der Klang geht sofort ins Ohr und beweist, wie vielseitig ein Blasorchester sein kann. McMillan hat seine ...

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Don Campbell

Flower Power


Don Campbell has taken four songs which reflect the period of Flower Power and made a swingin' groovin' medley out of them. Put on your flares and sunglasses and enjoy the sound of the 60's. 1. Let's Go to San Francisco

137,00 €
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Bee Gees / Markus Götz

How Deep Is Your Love


“How Deep Is Your Love” is the question of the brothers Maurice, Robin and Barry Gibb (better known as the Bee Gees) in this world-famous pop song. They recorded the ballad in 1977 and contributed it to the soundtrack of “Saturday ...

65,00 €
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