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Kees Vlak

Woodpeckers Parade


It soon becomes evident that this march is dedicated to the woodpecker. The hammering of bird is described by five repeating notes. The percussion player and his woodblock may be prominently featured in this instance. When playing the trio, a Walt ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Anfängerstufe Listen Read
Thomas Doss



In this fascinating piece we experience an exciting adventure in the jungle. The entrance into the “green hell” turns out to be very dangerous with wild monkeys and the roaring of elephants accompanying our way through the dark forest. There seems ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Ober-/Höchststufe Listen Read
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Rossano Galante

The Winged Stallion


This Heroic composition captures the majestic beauty and strength of the mystical winged stallion, "Pegasus." Melodic brass melodies and soaring woodwind lines will take the listener on this unforgettable musical ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen Read
Werner Thomas / Joe Grain

Dance Little Bird


In 1981, a song created a stir in Germany and some parts of Europe: Dance little Bird, also known as Ententanz. The Dutch band Electronica's hit the European charts. In Germany, the song stayed in the charts for 51 weeks! Werner ...

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Concert Band March / Card Size Unter-/Mittelstufe Read
Hans Freivogel

Schweizer Meitli (Polka)
DN: Möven über dem Bodensee (Walzer)


DN = Doppelnummer = two pieces in one ...

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Concert Band March / Card Size Unter-/Mittelstufe Read
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Concert Band March / Card Size Unterstufe Read
Gioa(c)chino Antonio Rossini / Gian Lucca Gardini

La Gazza Ladra


During Rossini’s second creative period (approx. 1813-1817) his inclination increased, to borrow musical material from earlier works, when time could not have been responsible. While there is the increased occurrence of self-borrowing, Rossini, at ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Höchststufe Listen Read
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Carl Zeller / Eiji Suzuki

Der Vogelhändler


The type of music heard in the park 100 years ago by a good community band, “The Bird Seller” today is Zeller’s essential remaining work. Eiji Suzuki has further enhanced this collection with full percussion, including many mallet ...

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Concert Band DIN A3 (Score) + DIN A4 (Parts) Höchststufe Listen Read
Alfred Bösendorfer



Alfred Boesendorfer wrote these comic variations on a melody from his mini-opera “Der Spassvogel / The Jester” (for children choir and concert band). The story concerns how the jester seeks to pursue a young woman. Boesendorfer had the idea that ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read
Alexander Pfluger

Auf Adlers Schwingen


Konzertmarsch mit außergewöhnlichem Trio aus der Feder von Alexander Pfluger – ein Erfolgstitel aus dem Programm der Kapelle Die Schwindligen 15. Das Trio beschreibt den stolzen Flug des Adlers über die majestätischen ...

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Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Mathias Wehr



Das Werk „Infinity“ basiert auf dem Märchen „Der Wundervogel und die beiden Bettelknaben“ von Franz Xaver von Schönwerth. Die Komposition gibt programmatisch das Märchen wieder und fängt ...

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Concert Band DIN A3 (Score) + DIN A4 (Parts) Oberstufe Listen Read
Bert Appermont

Wonders of Nature


This work was commissioned by Fanfare Sint-Willibrordus Wintelre from the Netherlands and describes the power and wonders of nature in 4 atmospheric movements: Birth, Battle, Silence and Water. Wonders of Nature was ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen Read