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Alfred Bösendorfer

Vienna Variations


The main theme was written by W.A Mozart which explains the title VIENNA VARIATIONS. All variations are composed in a different meter. The “alla breve nature” of the main theme is based on a metric accentuation. It therefore determines the ...

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Otto M. Schwarz

Vienna Festival Music


Vienna Festival Music is an opening piece in the typical sound idiom that composer Otto M. Schwarz uses for his great dramatic historical concert works such as Nostradamus, Man in the Ice, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Vienne Festival Music was ...

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Thomas Doss

Fancy Vienna


Fancy Vienna marks a departure for composer Thomas Doss, as it is his first ever work in jazz style. For this, he was inspired by the city of Vienna. The many cultural faces of the capital of Austria form an endless source of creativity for each ...

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Frantisek Kmoch / Jaroslav Zeman

Besuch in Wien


Frantisek Kmoch, 1848 in Kolín geboren, erhielt seine musikalische Ausbildung in Prag. 1884 wurde er Kapellmeister in Krakau, ein Jahr später in Budapest und 1899 in Wien. Große Bedeutung erlangte er nach der Gründung seines ...

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Johann Schrammel / Siegfried Rundel

Wien bleibt Wien


Today most people associate the name Schrammel with the so-called Schrammel quartet, as its sound is considered to be Viennese to the core all over the world. However, usually only the adepts of wind music are aware of the fact that there is also a ...

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Siegfried Translateur / Stefan Schwalgin

Wiener Praterleben


Siegfried Translateur was a German composer, publisher and music director. He hailed from the province of Silesia where he was born as an illegitimate child. His mother later married cantor Salomon Lagodzinsky who in turn adopted young Siegfried. ...

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Anton Karas / Toshio Mashima

The Third Man Theme


Anton Karas grew up in a modest household in Vienna and became a self taught zither vituoso. He wrote the legendary Harry Lime Theme for the 1949 British film noir The Third Man. The melody became so popular, many people began calling The Third Man ...

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Johann Schrammel / Franz Watz

Wien bleibt Wien


Playing music in small ensembles is the most original form of wind music and is currently gaining more and more importance. Ensemble musicians can work on important skills such as intonation, team playing, balancing - and express their joy of ...

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Sylvester Levay / Johan de Meij



The world premiere of the musical Elisabeth took place in Vienna on September 3, 1992. From the great acclaim with which the musical was received, it became clear that the life of the Empress of Austria still appeals to the imagination. Although ...

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Johann Strauß (Sohn) / Eiko Orita

Vienna Waltz Medley
for Horn Quartet


This was written for the Tokyo Horn Quartet in 1999 and recorded on their CD “Dance Marche” in the same year. This medley collects the most famous and familiar melodies from a large number of famous compositions by the “Waltz ...

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Andreas Leonhardt / Siegfried Rundel

Prinz Eugen


The only Bandmaster-of-the-Army of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was Andreas Leonhardt (1800-1866) who was musically educated in Vienna, Bratislava and Naples. He served in different regiments and was stationed in Naples, northern Italy and later ...

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Thomas Berghoff

Ein Strauss für Dich...


Vienna in the 19th century was infected by a real waltz fever that could be found at all levels of society and resulted in innumerable compositions. The most famous waltz composer, also known as the “Waltz King”, was Johann Strauss ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer

Happy People / Prater Waltz


This double edition contains the two Vario 3 compositions "Happy People" and "Prater Waltz" by Alfred Bösendorfer. Happy People Band music originates in military music. ...

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Josef Strauß / Siegfried Rundel



Josef Strauß (1827-1879) comes from the famed Austrian Strauß family. His father was Johann Strauß, his older brother Johann Strauß (son) and his younger brother Eduard Strauß. All three sons were great composers, but Josef ...

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Carl Michael Ziehrer / Siegfried Rundel

Zauber der Montur


Carl Michael Ziehrer (1843-1922), the last court ball music director, was one of the truly great personalities of Viennese music. This means that he was for more than “only” a preeminent military bandmaster of the Danube Monarchy. The march “Zauber ...

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