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Luigi di Ghisallo

Tango Surprise


„Tango Surprise“ is based on a true story: Many years ago, a promising trumpeter lived in Vienna. Nobody really was astonished about his incredible playing, as Vienna, on the one hand, is the city of music, and on the other he was born into a ...

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Peter Schad

Ein kleines Rendezvous


Peter Schad, Komponist und Orchesterleiter der "Oberschwäbischen Dorfmusikanten", begeistert sein Publikum seit über 30 Jahren mit immer neuen und erfrischenden Eigenkompositionen. Vor allem die Kuschel-Polka oder seine ...

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Leroy Anderson / Siegfried Rundel

Blue Tango


"Blue Tango" is probably one of the most famous tangos ever. In 1951, it was written and recorded by Leroy Anderson, hit the US charts in 1952 and conquered the world. Since then, the catchy melody was covered by numerous artist, sometimes ...

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Astor Piazzolla / Lorenzo Bocci



Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) revolutionized the tango: with his bandoneon (instrument similar to the accordion), he dared where others did not. During his career, which started in the 1950’s, Piazzolla produced a real revolution, developing the ...

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Franz Gerstbrein / Bertl Bauer / Franz Gerstbrein

Tango Argentina


Mit seinen vielfältigen Modulationen in Moll und in Dur verzaubert dieser Tango und gewinnt zunehmend an Rasse und Spannung. Vom Anfang bis zum Ende spürt man förmlich die Körpersprache des Tango-Paares. Bewegung und Gefühl sind in perfekter Weise ...

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Consuelo Velázquez / Markus Götz

Bésame Mucho


In 1941, Mexican composer Consuelo Velázquez wrote the love song “Bésame Mucho” that became famous all over the world and was covered by many artists in highly diverse musical styles and languages. The title means “kiss ...

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Astor Piazzolla / Lorenzo Bocci



Take a musical tour of the North of Germany with sailors’ music from the coastal areas combining with the authentic traditional folk music culture of the region. This colourful blend of many different styles of the North German music folklore are ...

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Yosuke Fukuda

Symphonic Dances


Symphonic Dances for Wind Ensemble was commission by the Central Band of the Japan Air Self Defense Force. The suite’s five movements present “dances of the world”. While the energetic quality and spirituality of each dance should be ...

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Leroy Anderson / Robert W. Smith

Leroy Anderson - A Legacy in Sound


"Timeless" is the word to describe the melodies of Leroy Anderson! Robert W. Smith takes "Syncopated Clock," "Blue Tango," and "Bugler’s Holiday," and fashions a ...

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Astor Piazzolla / Paul Murtha



- NO LONGER AVAILABLE - One of the classic tangos from Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla, Libertango has attained worldwide popularity and remains one of his most popular works. Arranged here in a sensuous Latin ...

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