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Alfred Reed



Commissioned by Feldmusik Baar in Unterageri, Switzerland. The work is in the form of a single movement in a sprightly, vigorous tempo throughout, and built from three contrasting themes, with the music evolving (hence its title) from the interplay ...

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Gilbert Tinner

Showdown for Band


Showdown for Band was written as a compulsory exercise for the Third International Light Music Competition at St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1998. The intention of the composer was to write a piece in a light music style that would at the same time ...

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Siegfried Rundel

Saluto Lugano


To emphasize that a publisher composes music for his own company is so evident that it would be a common place stressing that fact. However: During the many years of his career as a publisher, Siegfried Rundel wrote numerous marches of easy and ...

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Siegfried Rundel

Crans Montana


Siegfried Rundel composed a vast number of street marches that prove themselves in practice due to a thoughtful instrumentation and became part of many bands' standard repertoire. The march „Crans Montana" was published in ...

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Jacob de Haan

Yellow Mountains


In October 1997, Jacob de Haan visited the Swiss village of St. Moritz, where he worked as a conductor with a symphonic wind band. The Mountains around St. Moritz were covered in marvelous autumn colors. The Colors, the quietness and nature itself ...

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Franco Cesarini

Jubilee Fanfare


Franco Cesarini composed this beautiful fanfare for the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Railroad. In this piece Franco Cesarini reveals the brilliance of the brass, the softness of the woodwind and the dexterity of the percussion section. The rich ...

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Max Leemann



The Swiss composer Max Leemann wrote a jaunty and energetic March, that enhances the repertoire of any wind band. And it surely will enjoy a great popularitiy with both audience and ...

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Gottfried Veit



Das Alphorn ist wohl das einzige Naturinstrument, welches heute noch von zahllosen Bergbewohnern in Europa, Südamerika und sogar in Tibet geblasen wird. Diese uralte „Holztrompete“ ist eigentlich ein bis zu vier Meter langer Baumstamm, ...

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Hans Freivogel

Schweizer Meitli (Polka)
DN: Möven über dem Bodensee (Walzer)


DN = Doppelnummer = two pieces in one ...

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