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Andrew Lloyd Webber / Jay Bocook

Sunset Boulevard (Medley)


- PERMANENTLY OUT OF PRINT - Andrew Lloyd Weber adds yet another to his list of record-breaking Broadway shows. This musical score has produced some hit songs such as "With One Look" and "As If We Never ...

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Shin'ya Takahashi

Weather Report


Weather Report was commissioned by Marunouchi Junior High School in Nagano in 2010 and premiered at the Nagano State Band Contest. One of my new thoughts for composition has been to ask students for titles, images and ideas. For this commission I ...

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Markus Götz

Adebars Reise


According to the young composer Markus Götz, the fantasy ADEBAR’S TRAVELS goes back to the “summer of the storks, 2003”. The piece musically describes the flight of the storks towards the south. The various stages of the journey ...

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Pavel Stanek



Pavel Stanék composed "Abendstimmung" (Evening Mood) as solo for Solo for Euphonium (or Bariton or Horn) and Concert Band. The solist may show his musical qualities by lyrically interpreting the beautiful melody. Soft sounds of the orchestra ...

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Peter Schad

Letztes Abendrot


Peter Schad, Komponist und Orchesterleiter der "Oberschwäbischen Dorfmusikanten", begeistert sein Publikum seit über 30 Jahren mit immer neuen und erfrischenden Eigenkompositionen. Vor allem die Kuschel-Polka oder seine ...

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Josef Poncar / Jaroslav Zeman

In der Dämmerung


As composer, Josef Poncar - just as his prominent contemporaries Jaromír Vejvoda and Karel Vacek - belongs to "the Greats" of Bohemian light music. He always stayed true to his rural influences and topics. Despite his passion for music, ...

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Thiemo Kraas



The composition “Respicere” was commissioned on the occasion of the 1250th anniversary of Röhlingen and written for the Röhlingen Community Band and their conductor Michael Seckler. It is dedicated to the chairman Ludwig Kurz, who ...

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Anton Günther / Kurt Gäble



Feierabend (after work hours) is one of the most famous folk songs from the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). It was written by popular poet and singer Anton Guenther (1876-1937). He is considered the ...

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Roland Kernen

Caribbean Calypso


Mixed Sextet with opt. Percussion/Keyboard. The music of the Caribbean is a mixture of styles encompassing traditions that reflect the nature of its many islands and ethnic groups which inherited a multitude of rhythms imported by slaves from ...

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Philip Sparke

A Winter's Tale


A Winter’s Tale hat keinen direkten Bezug zum Thema Weihnachten, kann also ebenso zu (vor-) weihnachtlichen Anlässen wie auch bei anderen Konzerten im Winterhalbjahr aufgeführt werden. Die Musik beschreibt eine Winterszenerie auf dem Lande: Ein ...

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Rossano Galante

Beyond the Horizon


Beyond the Horizon is a dynamic composition encompassing majestic brass fanfares and sweeping melodic lines. The piece is comprised of two themes that musically paint a picture of the Earth’s ...

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