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Jan de Haan

Spring Song


Spring has finally arrived. The days grow longer, birds prepare to nest, trees turn green and plants begin to bloom as nature wakes up from her winter sleep. This, and the fact that the composer’s third grandson was born in the spring, were the ...

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Antonín Dvorak (Dvořák) / Roger Niese

Song to the Moon


Dvorak composed the great Czech national opera, 'Rusalka' in a single burst of inspiration between April 21 and November 27, 1901, to a text by Jaroslav Kvapil based on Hans Christian Andersen. Rusalka is a Bohemian 'Little Mermaid'. ...

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Luigi di Ghisallo

Song for One World


"Song for One World" is an ode to peace and freedom. With soft, flowing sounds, composer Luigi di Ghisallo creates a calm and conciliatory mood that is deliberately free of negative elements. The work begins with twelve opening chimes. For a ...

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Traditional / Piet Swerts

Russian Gipsy Song


The origin of the song Piet Swerts arranged for concert band in Russian Gipsy Song probably lies with Russian gypsies, who know it under the title Dorogoj Dlinnojn and who ardently consider it their mental property. The melody of this Russian ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer

Spiritual Song


"Spiritual Song" by Alfred Bösendorfer is a placid and compelling piece. It is based on an old English tune, known now as “Amazing Grace”. The vocal text is: O how sweet is the sound that comes ...

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Gerald Oswald

Variations on an Austrian Folk Song


Hot off the press! Composer Gerald Oswald bases this new work on an old Austrian folksong, O du lieber Augustin! The Augustin in questions is a ballad singer and an ad lib poet who apparently wrote this folksong about himself. His grim sense of ...

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Elton John / Haijme Ueshiba

Your Song


New Sounds for Concert Band ...

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Michael Jackson / Masamicz Amano

Beat It


Beat It, is one of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs, awarded two Grammys for its commercial success. Seen by many as a rock song, Beat It was ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the “100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time.” Since its ...

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Charles Fox / Toshio Mashima

Killing Me Softly With His Song


The tender ballad Killing Me Softly with His Song was written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel in 1971, for de American singer Lori Lieberman. She was very impressed with a performance by the then still unknown Don McLean in the Troubadour in Los Angeles. ...

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Stephen Schwartz / John Moss

When You Believe


An important song with a message - from the new DreamWorks film. Discovery Band Series Grade ...

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Michael Jackson / Louis Kihara

Billie Jean


Billie Jean is the most successful single that Michael Jackson ever released and is considered by many to be one of the best pop songs ever written. In this arrangement, Louis Kihara has transformed the timeless classic into a piece for concert ...

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Jacob de Haan

German Love Song


Dreaming of love. This is the theme of the folksong on which the composition was based. Its characteristic melody inspired Jacob de Haan to this instrumental romance with a transparent structure consisting of an introduction, the folk-melody, a ...

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Klaas van der Woude

It's a Sin


In the eighties the Pet Shop Boys produced hit after hit. It’s a Sin originates from the same year as their largest selling record West End Girls and this brave arrangement by Klauss van der Woude now means your concert band can enjoy the ...

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Pharrell Williams / Ishbah Cox

Happy (from Despicable Me 2)
(Marching Band)


From the popular animated film Despicable Me 2 and Oscar-nominated for “Best Song,” Pharrell Williams struck gold with this catchy and upbeat smash hit. Beware of spontaneous dancing and joy whenever you play ...

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Jesse Harris / Paul Murtha

Don't Know Why


Recorded by newcomer pop star Norah Jones, rarely does a contemporary pop song display such warmth and style in an acoustic setting. With a catchy melody and nice harmonies, this award-winning hit really works well for band. Discovery ...

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