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Kurt Gäble

Nova Vita


In his work the Kurt Gäble copes with present-day conditions of life and he offers, from his angle, a perspective for the future. This piece consequently is an important composition of the wind band’s repertory, a piece of momentum, however ...

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Kurt Gäble

Die Gedanken ... Spiele


“Thoughts are free” (Die Gedanken sind frei) … a phrase that sounds so simple, but is also more profound than most any other. No surprise that this traditional German song is still famous and popular. Kurt Gaeble uses both the conceptual and ...

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Kurt Gäble



"Saga", a symphonic work, describes, employing the symbiosis of medieval and contemporary modern musical languages, the relationship of two people to each other, to the world and its Creator. Their mutual "seek and ye shall find", ...

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Kurt Gäble

Die Lonische


Dedicated to the wind bands Westerstetten, Lonsee and Amstetten (the so-called "Lonetalgemeinden") The Lonetal: tranquil villages, surrounded by lush green meadows and fields, species-rich forest areas where ...

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Hans Blank

Besuch in Schwaben


With this composition, German composer Hans Blank, who comes from the Swabian region, shows his deep connection to the Härtsfeld area, which is close the the border between Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. More specifically, his musically thoughts ...

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Kees Vlak

Rhapsodie Truffée


Truffles are regarded as delicacy worldwide. They are special because you cannot plant or cultivate them. You have to find them! This fact gives them a mysterious and precious character. A region where you can readily find these subterranean ...

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Philip Sparke

Overture for a Great City


Overture for a Great City was commissioned by the Tamana Girls High School Wind Symphony from Tamana City, Kumamoto, Japan, by its director of bands, Shinichi Yoneda. The first performance was given at a concert which concluded their intensive ...

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Rob Romeyn

Atlantis: The Lost Continent


The mysterious lost civilization of Atlantis has captured the imagination for generations, and this powerful programmatic work from the pen of Rob Romeyn brings that mystical world to life in music. Beautiful melodies, stark musical contrasts and ...

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Kurt Gäble

Der blaue Planet


The composer here relies on the musical means of expression of the wind band to make clear his viewpoint on the complex problems of mankind. The programmatic contents of this work is further underlined by the titles which the composer ...

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Markus Götz

Never Forget Your Friends!


Friends are very important in life, because they support us in joy and sorrow. Where better could we make friends than through sharing music? Markus Götz composed this emotional pop ballad for all music friends. Just as different personalities ...

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Mario Bürki

Terra Pacem


TERRA PACEM - oder Frieden auf Erden, beschreibt den Wunsch der Menschheit, gesamtheitlichen Frieden unter allen Völkern dieser Erde zu erlangen. Der Beginn des Werkes symbolisiert den Herzschlag der Erde. Danach erscheint das ...

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Otto M. Schwarz



Nostradamus is probably the best-known prophet of the last 1000 years. He lived at the time of the Inquisition and his predictions and medical therapies as a physician caused him to face the wrath of the church forcing him to flee many times. ...

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Karel Husa

Apotheosis of this Earth


Apotheosis of this Earth ist eine Auftragskomposition der 'Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association' und wurde dem Dirigenten Dr. William D. Revelli gewidmet. Inhalt: 1. Apotheosis 2. Tragedy of ...

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Michael Jackson / Ron Sebregts

Earth Song


Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died in Los Angeles on June 25th 2009. He can without any shadow of a doubt be compared with artists such as Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon – all of them musicians who will never die in the hearts of ...

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Hermann Pallhuber

Elements of Nature


Earth - Fire - Water - Air: According to the four element theory of temperaments, earth, fire, air and water are the building blocks of the universe. Without them, life would not exist. They shape our view of the world around us, affect our ...

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