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Daniel Francois Auber / Leontij Dunaev

Fra Diavolo


The French composer Daniel François Esprit Auber (1782-1871) was a successful composer and Director of the Paris Conservatoire. He also was appointed Musical Director of the Imperial Court Orchestra by Napoleon III in 1857. Auber’s music is ...

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Francois Adrien Boieldieu / Hans Hartwig

Der Kalif von Bagdad


Two operas paved the way of François Adrien Boieldieu (1775-1834) from Rouen to Paris, where the first production of the opera “The Caliph of Baghdad” in 1800 was unanimously acclaimed. After that he went to St. Petersburg where he was appointed ...

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George Gershwin / Roger Niese



The opera contains many songs that have become popular in their own right, becoming standards in jazz and blues in addition to their original operatic setting. One of those is the lullaby 'Summertime' sung by Clara to her baby at the very ...

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Antonín Dvorak (Dvořák) / Roger Niese

Song to the Moon


Dvorak composed the great Czech national opera, 'Rusalka' in a single burst of inspiration between April 21 and November 27, 1901, to a text by Jaroslav Kvapil based on Hans Christian Andersen. Rusalka is a Bohemian 'Little Mermaid'. ...

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Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka / Leontij Dunaev

Ruslan & Ludmilla


After the extraordinary success of his Opera “A Life for the Tsar” (or “Ivan Susanin”) in 1836, Mikhail I. Glinka (1804-1857) immediately considered composing a second opera. Pushkin’s early poetic fairy-tale “Ruslan and Lyudmilla” was to become ...

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Friedrich von Flotow / Conny Rall

Last Rose of Summer


Friedrich Adolf Ferdinand, Freiherr von Flotow (27 April 1812 – 24 January 1883) was a German composer. He is chiefly remembered for his opera Martha, which was popular in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th. Born in Teutendorf, in ...

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Bedrich Smetana / Vladimir Studnicka

Marsch der Komödianten und Springtanz


Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884), hat seine zweite Oper "Die verkaufte Braut" nach einem Libretto von Karel Sabina komponiert. Die Uraufführung fand am 30. Mai 1866 im Interimstheater in Prag statt. Die heitere Begebenheit oder eher Anekdote über die ...

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Gaetano Donizetti / Luigi di Ghisallo

Una Furtiva Lagrima


In der Oper “L’Elisir d’amore” (Der Liebestrank), 1832 in Mailand erstmals aufgeführt, liebt der schüchterne, junge Bauer Nemorino die hübsche und reiche Adina, die sich jedoch zunächst nichts aus ihm macht. Nemorino glaubt an die Wirkung des ...

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Wilhelm Kienzl / Hans Hartwig

Der Evangelimann


The aria "Selig sind, die Verfolgung leiden" is well-known as main melody of the opera "Der Evangelimann" by Wilhelm Kienzl. This is a wonderful piece for serious ...

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Carl Nielsen / Stefan Schwalgin



The opera “Maskarade” by Danish composer Carl Nielsen is based on a classic theater comedy that Nielsen turned into a comic opera. Literary circles first were critical about this, but success proved Nielsen right – the opera became ...

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Giacomo Puccini / Siegfried Rundel

Nessun Dorma


Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) came from a tradition-steeped family of musicians. After seeing a performance of “Aida” in 1876 he decided to compose operas. “Turandot” was Giacomo Puccini’s last composition. Due to a progressive illness he could not ...

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Andrew Lloyd Webber / Johnnie Vinson

The Phantom of the Opera


Scored for flexible instrumentation, here is a marvellous setting of these dramatic and poignant songs from Andrew Lloyd Webbers timeless classic. Includes: The Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask of You, Think of Me, and The Music of the ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer



Alfred Boesendorfer wrote these comic variations on a melody from his mini-opera “Der Spassvogel / The Jester” (for children choir and concert band). The story concerns how the jester seeks to pursue a young woman. Boesendorfer had the idea that ...

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Giacomo Meyerbeer / Walter Tuschla



"Le prophète" is a big opera in five acts by Giacomo Meyerbeer. The most famous piece from this opera surely is the Coronation March. Walter Tuschla's adaption for wind orchestra is written in E flat major, giving a bright sound and ...

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Pietro Mascagni / Yoshihiro Kimura

L'Amico Fritz


When you say Mascagni you immediately think of Cavalleria rusticana. This work brought Mascagni overnight fame after his wife – without him knowing – entered the score in a composition contest and it won first prize. Cavalleria rusticana became an ...

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