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George Gershwin / Roger Niese



The opera contains many songs that have become popular in their own right, becoming standards in jazz and blues in addition to their original operatic setting. One of those is the lullaby 'Summertime' sung by Clara to her baby at the very ...

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Antonín Dvorak (Dvořák) / Roger Niese

Song to the Moon


Dvorak composed the great Czech national opera, 'Rusalka' in a single burst of inspiration between April 21 and November 27, 1901, to a text by Jaroslav Kvapil based on Hans Christian Andersen. Rusalka is a Bohemian 'Little Mermaid'. ...

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Andrew Lloyd Webber / Johnnie Vinson

The Phantom of the Opera


Scored for flexible instrumentation, here is a marvellous setting of these dramatic and poignant songs from Andrew Lloyd Webbers timeless classic. Includes: The Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask of You, Think of Me, and The Music of the ...

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Pietro Mascagni / Yoshihiro Kimura

L'Amico Fritz


When you say Mascagni you immediately think of Cavalleria rusticana. This work brought Mascagni overnight fame after his wife – without him knowing – entered the score in a composition contest and it won first prize. Cavalleria rusticana became an ...

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Giuseppe Verdi / Franco Cesarini

Aida - Gran Finale Atto II


The triumphal march from Aida is probably one of the best known classical works of all times. This superb transcription by Franco Cesarini retains the exciting spirit of the original. As always his name guarantees good quality - quality combined ...

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Tohru Takahashi

Die Entführung aus dem Serail


“Wonderful! But, aren’t there too many notes?” asked the emperor Joseph II. “No, all notes are necessary. This is new music,” replied Mozart. This is a famous anecdote about the premiere of the opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction ...

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Giacomo Puccini / Yo Goto



I. Popolo di Pechino! (Introduction) II. Gira la cote! III. Nessun Dorma! IV. La mia vittoria (La terza risposta) V. Diecimila anni nostro Imperatore! VI. Padre augusto (Finale) In 2006 the Saitama Sakae H.S. Wind ...

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Engelbert Humperdinck / Robert van Beringen

Evening Prayer


This beautiful long flowing melody comes from Humperdinck’s famous opera Hansel and Gretel (1893). In addition to being a delightful concert work it is also a useful as a tone study for practicing playing in a legato ...

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Daniel Francois Auber / Leontij Dunaev

Fra Diavolo


The French composer Daniel François Esprit Auber (1782-1871) was a successful composer and Director of the Paris Conservatoire. He also was appointed Musical Director of the Imperial Court Orchestra by Napoleon III in 1857. Auber’s music is ...

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Georges Bizet / Sawako Yamazato

Matador Fantasy from Carmen


Carmen is one of the most popular operas and a major work for Bizet (1838-1875). Many band arrangements entitled “Carmen Fantasy” can be found, using arias, preludes, and suites. I arranged the famous aria from Act 2, Couplets ...

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Giuseppe Verdi / Franco Cesarini

Coro dei Gitani


Often, individual parts of operas become very successful, independent instrumental pieces. An outstanding example is the Anvil Chorus from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Il Trovatore. Thanks to its symphonic characteristics, it is especially ...

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Francois Adrien Boieldieu / Hans Hartwig

Der Kalif von Bagdad


Two operas paved the way of François Adrien Boieldieu (1775-1834) from Rouen to Paris, where the first production of the opera “The Caliph of Baghdad” in 1800 was unanimously acclaimed. After that he went to St. Petersburg where he was appointed ...

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Georges Bizet / Tohru Takahashi

Les Toreadors


The opera Carmen, perhaps the best known work by Bizet, was first criticised in France because of the 'obscene libretto,' but was soon considered a masterpiece, partly thanks to the appealing melodies, the Spanish temperament and the lively rhythms. ...

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Giuseppe Verdi / Franco Cesarini



Giuseppe Verdi is one of the most famous composers of Italian opera. Here, Cesarini has masterfully arranged ...

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Andrew Lloyd Webber / Lorenzo Bocci

The Phantom of the Opera


The musical Phantom of the Opera is full of many songs that are instantly recognised and it has been fundamental in making the genre of Musicals extremely popular with people of all ages. Peter Lavender’s arrangement of this tender and moving ...

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