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Franco Cesarini

Mountain Majesty


For someone like Franco Cesarini, who was born and raised in a land where every horizon is dominated by the majestic Alps, mountains are in one’s heart and soul every moment of life. The true spirit of mountains is described in the words of Alan ...

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Traditional / Roland Kernen

Rock in the Mountains


The well-known traditional melodies Rock My Soul, Go Tell It on the Mountain, and Mary's Boy Child have been combined by Roland Kernen to form this most attractive medley. The variable instrumentation makes the work playable by many combinations of ...

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Concert Band, Mixed Ensemble (Woodwinds/Brass) US 9x12 (229x305mm) Unterstufe Listen Read
Martin Scharnagl

Mountain Wind


“Mountain Wind“ is a fine small concert piece by Martin Scharnagl. This delightful composition has beautiful melodies set in a sentimental atmosphere. With ease, Martin Scharnagl portrays deep emotions. The introduction of “Mountain ...

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Jacob de Haan

Yellow Mountains


In October 1997, Jacob de Haan visited the Swiss village of St. Moritz, where he worked as a conductor with a symphonic wind band. The Mountains around St. Moritz were covered in marvelous autumn colors. The Colors, the quietness and nature itself ...

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Mario Bürki

Der Magnetberg


When cleaning out my library, I came across a volume of fairy tales with stories from 1001 Nights, a book which I took great pleasure in reading as a child. I could vaguely recall a story about the magnet mountain, and so I set about searching for ...

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Stephen Bulla

Blue Mountain Saga


Die "Blauen Berge" gibt es nicht nur im bekannten Volkslied, sondern es gibt sie wirklich in Australien. Den amerikanischen Komponisten Stephen Bulla erinnerten sie an den Westen Amerikas und so entstand eine musikalische Erzählung über einen Tag ...

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Philip Sparke

Colorado Springs


Inhalt: 1. The Springs Fanfare 2. Seven Falls 3. Pikes Peak Colorado Springs liegt inmitten einer atemberaubenden Landschaft am südlichen Ende der Rocky Mountains und ist ein bei Skifahrern und Wanderern beliebter ...

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Manfred Schneider

Mountain Panorama


This musical interlude describes a fast trip with a high mountain express train across a magnificent Alpine landscape. We see colossal massifs, dangerous abysses and precipices, idyllic mountain pastures. Expressive passages, fast tempi and an ...

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James Barnes

Yama Midori


Yama Midori (Green Mountains) was commissioned to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Zushi High School in Kanagawa, Japan by that school's excellent high school band. It is a light overture employing broad melodies and a jazzy harmonic ...

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Modest Peter Mussorgsky / Tohru Takahashi

Night on Bald Mountain


The symphonic poem Night on a Bald Mountain took its inspiration from a story by the well known Russian writer Nicola Gogol. Mussorgsky took no steps to promote his masterpiece and it was only after his death when Rimsky-Korsakov was looking ...

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Rossano Galante

Red Rock Mountain


This composition is an episodic work that paints a musical portrait of Red Rock Mountain, a beautiful mountain landscape in Pennsylvania. Brass fanfares and soaring wind lines begin the piece, transitioning into an emotional section depicting the ...

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Ed Huckeby

King's Mountain Adventure


Your mid-level band will find lots of adventure in this strong piece by Ed Huckeby. The warm, slow section is one of the nicest we have heard and will help you teach the art of legato phrasing to your students. Certain to be a very popular ...

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Christian Berchthaler



The march “Gipfelsturm” (“Storm the Summit”) is an official military march of the Federal Austrian Army, as it was commissioned by the Center of Mountain Warfare of the Army Military School. The mission of the Center which is located in Saalfelden ...

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Jay Bocook

Ain't No Mountain High Enough


Recorded by Motown luminaries Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross, and most recently by Michael McDonald, this R&B classic sounds as fresh today as it did back in the '60s. This rockin' arrangement is designed to sound great with young players and ...

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