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Klaus-Peter Bruchmann



The title of Klaus-Peter Bruchmann's "Askania" reveals historic associations. Ascania Castle near Aschersleben was the ancestral seat of a famous dynasty of German princes during the Middle Ages. The Ascanians ruled as dukes, margraves and ...

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Hans Hartwig

Auf zur Jagd


Hans Hartwig arranged a sonorous medley with well-known hunting songs and calls: (1) Signal: Sammeln der Jäger (2) Signal: Begrüssung (3) Jägerchor aus "Der Freischütz" (4) Signal: ...

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August Reckling / Siegfried Rundel



In September 1871 August Reckling took over the baton of the Grand-Ducal Mecklenburg Rifle Battalion No. 14. He was awarded the title of a Grand-Ducal Mecklenburg Music Director in 1883 and retired from active service in 1890 when the battalion ...

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Rossano Galante

Cry of the Last Unicorn


Intensely descriptive from the very first note, “Cry of the Last Unicorn” portrays a fateful encounter of hunters tracking the “last unicorn.” The music is at times poignant and other times dramatic and exciting as the chase is depicted. Sweeping ...

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Jaroslav Zeman



Jaroslav Zeman had been a member of Czechoslovak military music. There, he passed the mandatory training, and later conducted some of his country’s finest bands. He eventually was appointed director of the Conservatory for Military Music in ...

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Hans Freivogel

Jagdschloß Waldenbuch


Gewidmet Ehrenbürger der Stadt Waldenbuch Herrn Oskar Schwenk am 20.Juli 1955 in ...

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Rudolf Herzer / Siegfried Rundel

Hoch Heidecksburg


The name and the renown of the composer Rudolf Herzer are almost exclusively linked to his great concert march Hoch Heidecksburg (Hail Heidecksburg). Rudolf Herzer was born on Nov. 11, 1878 at Rottleben, located at the southern edge of the Harz Mountains. ...

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Heinrich Schäffer / Siegfried Rundel

Die Post im Walde


Die Post im Walde" is one of the most famous and beloved solo pieces for trumpet. Beautiful lyircal passages and typical calls alternate - and here and there the soloist may show his abilities with the flutter tongue. This edition, arranged ...

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Walter Tuschla

Das hört man gern


Soldier's songs in marching style - a medley by Walter Tuschla: 1. Wenn die Soldaten durch die Stadt marschieren 2. Heute wollen wir marschieren (Westerwald-Lied) 3. Es wollt ein Mäder früh aufstehen 4. ...

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Julius Fucik (Fučík) / Karel Belohoubek

St. Hubertus


Julius Fucík (1872-1916) often nicknamed ”king of marches”, studied for some time in the master class of Antonín Dvorak at the Prague Conservatory but eventually embarked on a path different from that pursued by his more famous ...

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Hermann Xaver Egner

Der alte Jägermarsch


Trompeten-Solo mit drei Posten unter Verwendung des historischen Jägermarsches von 1813. Die Hauptmelodie vom "Alten Jägermarsch" wird in der Stimmungsmusik auch mit dem Text "Schon wieder eine Seele vom Alkohol gerettetet" ...

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Rudi Seifert

Menue à la James


Rudi Seifert combined 5 folk songs in typical James Last "Happy-Sound". Titles: 1. Als wir jüngst in Regensburg waren 2. Horch was kommt von draußen rein 3. Mit dem Pfeil, dem Bogen 4. Es ...

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Gottfried Veit

Schloß Tirol


Romantisches Tongemälde für Blasorchester: 1. Bläserruf vom Bergfried 2. Empfang im Schloßhof 3. Begrüßung der Gäste 4. Eintritt in den Palas 5. Bedrohung der ...

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Michael Geisler

Moby Dick


Moby Dick is a programmatic concert piece based on the novel of the same name, written in 1851 by Herman Melville. The piece describes the fateful journey of whaler Captain Ahab, who blinded by hatred, hunts the seas for the white whale, Moby Dick, ...

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Kees Vlak / Gerd Huber

Silver Creek Valley


This musical impression portrays several episodes that date back to Canada’s pioneering days, a time when the first contacts had been made between the indigenous population, the Indians, and the pioneers. These contacts, however, were not always ...

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