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Stephen Leonard Melillo

Pasodobles para Santa Cecilia


Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of Musicians, sang to God as she died in ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer

Canto Ambrosiano


For his composition “Canto Ambrosiano” Alfred Boesendorfer used the well-known ecumenical hymn “Großer Gott, wir loben dich” (Holy God, we praise thy name), which traces back to “Te Deum laudamus”, the famous Ambrosian chant. Timpani and brass open ...

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Dick Ravenal

Rock My Soul


ROCK MY SOUL is a gospel song. Its title must not be construed in a verbatim manner, as it rather deals with touching one’s soul. The term “gospel” probably is a contraction of either “good spell” or “God ...

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Traditional / Calvin Custer / Luther Henderson

Nearer My God To Thee


If your band enjoyed the popular 'Just A Closer Walk,' here's another Canadian Brass favorite, carefully scored for full band by Calvin Custer. It begins with a slow 3/4 version, in a New Orleans 'street band' style, and then ...

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Frank Erickson

C Is for Chorale


The Choral Fantasy varies from the Choral Prelude in that it is much freer in form and style. This number opens with a variation of the fanfare that has been traditionally inserted as an introduction and interlude between stanzas. The chorale is ...

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Stephen Leonard Melillo



"For those of you familiar with WITHOUT WARNING, the opening of the STORMWORKS... Chapter One CD, GODSPEED! may be thought of as the triumphal counterpart! It is the optionally written 3rd Movement to the piece: HONOR, COURAGE... COMMITMENT. For so ...

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Eva Fodor

Israeli Folk Songs


Eva Fodor writes about “Israeli Folk Songs”: For a long time I had the wish to popularize music from Israel – the country where I grew up. And it always is a central idea of my musical activities to combine different musical ...

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Ludwig van Beethoven / Thomas Doss

Die Himmel rühmen des Ewigen Ehre


Master-composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, in 1770, but he lived in Vienna from 1792, until his death in 1827. With his innovative style, he has had a great influence on Western classical music. ‘Die Himmel rühmen des Ewigen ...

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Michael Sweeney

On Joyful Wing


Drawing on two early American hymn tunes, here is a beautifully paced lyric piece with moments of calm reflection as well as emotional high points. The opening uses the lesser known Vermont composed by William Billings, and this is followed by ...

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Georg Friedrich Händel / Siegfried Rundel

Trauermarsch aus "Saul"


Although Handel originated from the same region of Central Germany as his great contemporary Bach, the two could not be more different in their creative activities. Bach remained rooted mainly in his native Thurinigia and Saxony and in the ...

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Albert Frey / Kurt Gäble

Jesus, berühre mich


Catholic singer-songwriter and music producer Albert Frey (*1964) influences Christian music in Germany since the early 1990’s. He wrote more than 120 compositions and published more than 50 CDs. The main message of his songs is the praise of God ...

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Leonard Cohen / Heinz Briegel



”Hallelujah” is probably one of the most renowned pop ballads ever. The original version by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen dates from 1984. The emotional song is about biblical topics, such as the secret melody that King David had played for ...

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Hayato Hirose

Tower of Babel


Based on the Old Testament biblical story of the building of the Tower of Babel, a tower built to reach the heavens, composer Hayato Hirose has created this dramatic programmatic work in seven movements that are played without interruption. With ...

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Hellmut Haase-Altendorf



Chronos (griechisch) Gott der Zeit Die alte Turmuhr am Rathaus zu Kopenhagen gibt das viertaktige Thema als Ostinato. A) = in Harmonie B) = in Umkehrung C) = im Krebs (von hinten nach vorn gelesen) D) ...

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Siegfried Rundel

Gott zur Ehre


"Gott zur Ehre" is a well-known processional march by Siegfried Rundel that wonderfully suites festive church occasions. In Central Europe and particularly in Southern Germany, bands accompany catholic processions. They perform ...

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