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Tom Molter

Monster Rock


Your youngest students will think they’ve really hit the “big time” when they perform this appealing rock tune. Lots of fun and a great audience pleaser, you won’t have any trouble getting your students to practice this little jewell! A ...

60,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Anfängerstufe Listen Read
Markus Götz

Funky Afternoon


Serie ROCK & WIND BAND (Rock Band opt.) Spending a hot and sunny afternoon chilling on the balcony in a deck chair or a hammock, with a cool drink in your hand, sunglasses on your nose and a big smile in your face… This mental ...

80,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Jan Hadermann

Joy of Music


Joy of Music ist ein frisches, lebhaftes Werk, das die Freude an der Musik des Komponisten, die Freude am Musizieren und am Musik hören beschreibt und so immer wieder aufs Neue ...

121,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
James L. Hosay

Godfather of Seville


James L. Hosay’s “Godfather of Seville” is a musical satire, interspersing excerpts from Rossini’s “Barber Of Seville” with snippets of original music written in the style of the music scores from the famous ...

120,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Philip Sparke



Merry-Go-Round was commissioned in 2001 by the City of Lesquin, France, for their annual band competition, Brass Open. The idea was to have a piece that could be used as a "signature tune" for the competition. It is a mini "concerto for band" which ...

112,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Thiemo Kraas

Rummel Bummel


An ocean of colors, wonderful smells of roasted almonds and popcorn, exciting bumper car rides... already as a small boy I was genuinely fascinated by the fair and its colorful going-ons. Many years later, I told the musicians of my youth band ...

90,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Unterstufe Listen Read
Len Orcino

Plight of the Bumbling Bee


An entertaining novelty piece where you will hear the bees being chased by someone with a "swatter" as well as lots of bees "buzzing". Also a very effective teaching tool as it introduces trills for the keyed instruments and a number ...

50,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Unterstufe Listen Read
Luigi di Ghisallo

Tango Surprise


„Tango Surprise“ is based on a true story: Many years ago, a promising trumpeter lived in Vienna. Nobody really was astonished about his incredible playing, as Vienna, on the one hand, is the city of music, and on the other he was born into a ...

55,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Unter-/Mittelstufe Listen Read
Marc Witman

Happiness March


"Happiness March" is a sweeping swing march composed by Marc Witman. Printed in practical march ...

41,00 €
Concert Band March / Card Size Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Jaroslav Jezek / Karel Belohoubek



Der Bugatti-Step ist 1931 für das Stück „Don Juan und Comp.“ entstanden. Diese ausgelassene, flinke Musik hat ihre Bezeichnung nach dem damals schnellsten Automobil Bugatti erhalten, in dem die berühmte tschechische Rennfahrerin Eliška Junková ...

60,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Rudolf Nováček / Karel Belohoubek



Karel Belohoubek transformed the well-known Castaldo March by Rudolf Novácek in a very witty way. He wrote the Trio part as waltz in three-four time what creates a a peculiar charme in the new ...

41,00 €
Concert Band March / Card Size Mittel-/Oberstufe Listen Read
Jirí Volf

Zirkus Humberto


The inspiration for my piece „Zirkus Humberto“ was not, as often presumed, the same-named novel by Eduard Bass, but rather my own childhood experiences, when I hardly missed any circus guesting in Prague. I admired the precision, bounce and ...

55,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Oberstufe Listen Read
Ferrer Ferran

Toyland Suite


Who has not played with toys as a child? While listening to this wonderful suite, your audience will regain their youthful memories by entering a world of fantasy and imagination with each movement representing a different toy. Dolls and ...

164,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen Read
Theodor Rupprecht / Simon Felder

Don Quixote


For a long time, the composer Theodor Rupprecht (1873-1934) was thought to be an Austrian among band researchers. What really triggered this assumption, nobody knew for sure. On the occasion of more complex efforts to trace down data on this ...

65,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Ober-/Höchststufe Listen Read
Martin Scharnagl

Von Freund zu Freund


Martin Scharnagl studied music education and wind band conducting at the Innsbruck Conservatory (Mozarteum) and graduated with honors. Also during his studies he won several awards at the national "Prima la Musica" contest. He works as a ...

60,00 €
Concert Band DIN A4 Mittelstufe Listen Read