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Thomas Asanger

A Sign For Freedom


The hymn “A Sign for Freedom“ is a musical plea for peace and freedom by young Austrian composer Thomas Asanger. The strong German and Austrian sentiment to support refugees from various conflict areas is a great sign of tolerance and ...

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Kurt Gäble



Kurt Gaeble wrote “Freiheit” (Freedom) in 2009; the piece refers to the historical events of the Tyrolean struggle for freedom in 1809 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The massive main theme, introduced in the beginning, is varied in ...

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Mario Bürki

Fight for Liberty


Das Werk FIGHT FOR LIBERTY, eine Auftragskomposition der Brass Band Fröschl Hall, basiert auf einigen historischen Gegebenheiten des Tiroler Freiheitskampfes um 1809. Im folgenden eine kurze Zusammenstellung der damaligen Ereignissen: Der Tiroler ...

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Jan de Haan

The Torch of Liberty


The Torch of Liberty has been commissioned by the Band of the Royal Netherlands Military Police, on the occasion of their 200th anniversary. The music is based on a monument, a torch that is symbolically being passed on by the fallen ones to the ...

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John Philip Sousa / Siegfried Rundel

The Liberty Bell


The stirring march The Liberty Bell dates back to this time (1893) and is typical for the music composed during Sousa’s first creative period. The title refers to a spectacle called ”America” which Sousa was witnessing in Chicago, and during ...

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Josef Pecsi / Thorsten Reinau



"Petöfi" by Josef Pecsi is a spirited ouverture, named after the Hungarian national hero Sandor Petöfi. The composer created a tribute to his adopted country Hungary. Sandor Petöfi, actually Alexander Petrovics, was born 1st January 1823 in ...

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Otto M. Schwarz



The city of Mantua holds significant historical importance for the southern Italy’s region of Tyrol. In this dramatic work Otto M Schwarz tells the tale of the Tyrolian freedom fighter Andreas Hofer who was executed in Mantua in 1809. The composer ...

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Gerald Oswald

Music for Happiness


As the title suggests, the Austrian composer Gerald Oswald’s work Music for Happiness aims above all to convey a message: the great joy in making music together. Music making is joyful and relaxing, and brings a carefree, liberating freedom ...

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Alfred Reed



"Rushmore - A Symphonic Prologue for Winds" was commissioned by Paul and Lois Hedge, co-directors of the Rushmore Summer Music Camp in South Dakota, on the occasion of the camp's 10th anniversary year, in 1980. It was first performed by the ...

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Jun'ichi Naito

Under the Flag of Glory


The ceremonial march “Under the Flag of Glory” opens in rather an unusual way, namely with a solemn chorale. After that, a fanfare and a ceremonial prelude in splendorous dignity follow. Thus all facets of a ceremony are musically ...

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Thomas Doss

Fanfare del Popolo


Fanfare del Popolo – fanfare of the people – is a reminder of the terrible periods of fascism and dictatorship in world history. It describes a revolution of the oppressed against the tyrant. The people storm the bastions of the dominion and take ...

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Thomas Doss

Montana Fanfare


This piece was composed as a birthday present for the Austrian conductor Walter Rescheneder to acknowledge the strong support he has given to the composer, Thomas Doss. Doss drew the inspiration for this fanfare from a mountain hike in the Salzkammergut. ...

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Kurt Gäble

Die Gedanken ... Spiele


“Thoughts are free” (Die Gedanken sind frei) … a phrase that sounds so simple, but is also more profound than most any other. No surprise that this traditional German song is still famous and popular. Kurt Gaeble uses both the conceptual and ...

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Karl Komzak (Sohn) / Siegfried Rundel



From May 01, 1896 until his tragic early death, Karl Komzák was exclusively active as director of the spa orchestra in Baden. Only a few invitations to foreign countries interrupted this period. The ambitious cultural, musical and social life in ...

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