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Hermann Ludwig Blankenburg / Siegfried Rundel

Abschied der Gladiatoren


It is virtually impossible today to determine when Hermann Ludwig Blankenburg (1876-1956) composed his march ”Germany’s Princes”. Relying on remarks by the composer, however, it may be assumed that it was written between 1901 and 1903 during the ...

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Wassili Agapkin / Gerhard Baumann

Abschied der Slawin


Vasilij Agapkin was born in the vicinity of Ryazan. Later his parents moved to Astrakhan, but died soon after. The juvenile orphan thus was forced to lead a street urchin’s life until he was accepted into the band of the 308th Reserve Battalion in ...

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Traditional / Jan Van der Roost



This traditional melody is known worldwide as a song of farewell. Jan Van der Roost treated it as an anthem in this splendid arrangement. The melody is brought to us in whole or in part by various instruments and is surrounded by logical yet ...

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Otto M. Schwarz

See You!


See You! is a little farewell song. Farewell scenes are a prominent part of the most touching elements of film music. Just think of the soundtrack to the great film Casablanca, which became famous overnight. See You! Is not intended to be a ...

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Manfred Schneider



Includes: 1. Muss i denn (Volksweise) 2. Zum Abschied (Zum Abschied reich' ich dir die Hände) 3. Auf ...

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Francesco Sartori / Don Campbell

Time To Say Goodbye


1996 singt der blinde Sänger Andrea Bocelli zusammen mit der englischen Sopranistin Sarah Brightman (Ex-Frau von Musical-König Andrew Lloyd Webber) als Abschiedslied zu Henry Maskes letztem Boxkampf eine abgeänderte Version seines "Con te partirò": ...

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Markus Götz

Waterkant !


"Waterkant!" is a musical story about sailors on the German Sea. Markus Goetz creates the atmosphere of sailors and their typical shanty music. Scenes of the story show different moods representing the exciting life of the sailors, from happy ...

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Simon Felder / Traditional / Simon Felder / Gerd Huber

Auld Lang Syne


Today this famous song from Scotland is generally attributed to Robert Burns (1739-1796) although the exact extent of his responsibility for the words and the music has always been controversial. However, it is generally agreed that he was not the ...

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Kees Vlak

Mein Brandenburg


“Mein Brandenburg” was written by Kees Vlak as a commission for the Brandenburg Police Band on the occasion of the ceremony marking the retirement of Brandenburg’s Minister of the Interior, Jörg Schönbohm. Schönbohm’s personal motto, “Nothing is ...

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Sebastián de Yradier / Naohiro Iwai

La Paloma


The habanera is a dance from the beginning of the 19th century that has been the subject of many humorous and ironic poems. One of the more famous habaneras is La Paloma (The Dove), composed about 1860 by Spaniard Sebastien Yradier (1809-1865). ...

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Carl Teike / Siegfried Rundel

Alte Kameraden


It is the greatest tragedy in the life of a young composer if he happens to write his most successful piece at the beginning of his musical career. This holds true for Carl Teike, as the unsurpassed success at the beginning of his musical life was ...

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Percy Aldridge Grainger / Larry Clark

Irish Tune from County Derry


Irish Tune from County Derry is also known as Irish folk song "Danny Boy". The touching melody of this melacholic song is world-famous. Larry Clark created a wonderful arrangement for ...

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