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Thiemo Kraas



“Fiskinatura” was commissioned by the Fischen im Allgäu Concert Band for the 1150th anniversary of the village Fischen. It is dedicated to the band’s conductor, Prof. Maximilian Maria Jannetti. To title his four-movement suite ...

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Jacob de Haan

The Fields


The Fields is an ode to the unique countryside of Westerwolde, a region in the Northeast of the Netherlands, where Jacob de Haan lives. The composition is based on film footage of the region as the beautiful landscape changes with the seasons. A ...

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Philip Sparke

Big Sky Overture


Composer Philip Sparke is fascinated by the early history of the American west, in particular the incredible expedition undertaken by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who were despatched by President Thomas Jefferson in the first decade of the ...

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Alfred Bösendorfer



In his symphonic overture the composer depicts his personal impressions in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, shortly before the Slovenian revolt against Serbian predominance in former Yugoslavia. He also describes the atmosphere of hope which ...

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Hans Blank

Besuch in Schwaben


With this composition, German composer Hans Blank, who comes from the Swabian region, shows his deep connection to the Härtsfeld area, which is close the the border between Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. More specifically, his musically thoughts ...

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Florian Ziller

African Memories


The eXplora composition AFRICAN MEMORIES takes us on a musical dream trip to a country with magnificent vegetation, picturesque scenery and a rich wildlife. A holiday trip inspired the composer Florian Ziller to his work, that is well suited for ...

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Kees Vlak



"Winterland" reflects impressions of vacations spent in the Alps. The first sight of the colossal mountains often simply takes one’s breath away. This is why this overture opens with a majestic flourish. Early in the morning cross ...

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Josef Poncar / Jaroslav Ondra

Auf der Vogelwiese


As composer, Josef Poncar - just as his prominent contemporaries Jaromír Vejvoda and Karel Vacek - belongs to "the Greats" of Bohemian light music. He always stayed true to his rural influences and topics. Despite his passion for ...

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Pavel Stanek

In den Bergen


Pavel Stanék was born in 1927 in Prague. He finished his studies at the conservatory there, in 1950, and from this year up to 1954 he was conductor of the Folk Ensemble. During his military service he conducted the Central Band of the Ministery of ...

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Joe Grain



Der Yellowstone Nationalpark, im Nordwesten der USA gelegen, zählt zu den faszinierendsten Naturwundern der Erde. Seinen Namen trägt er wegen der teilweise gelben Felsen, doch bekannt ist er hauptsächlich für seine heißen ...

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Thomas Asanger



SYMPATRIA – a concert march for wind band - was commissioned by leading conductor Walter Rescheneder for the Upper Austrian wind band association and the newspaper OÖ Nachrichten on the occasion of the contest "Best of Blasmusik". ...

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Pavel Stanek

4 Pastorelli


1. Allegretto Moderato - 2. Animato - 3. Moderato - 4. Allegretto In literature, the term “pastorale” appears in the form of a pastoral poem, which was very common in medieval times. Those romantic texts tell the story of a ...

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Johan Nijs

The Royal Scotsman


Get ready for a short ride on a historic luxury train to the Scottish Highlands. You are one of the 36 happy individuals who can enjoy the beauty of the Highlands aboard the posh Royal Scotsman, greeted by a bagpipe player when leaving Edinburgh ...

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Kees Vlak / Gerd Huber

The New Village


This composition was commissioned by the Province of Northern Holland on the occasion of the 15th Niedorp Festival. It musically depicts the history of the "village" through the ages. Where the "New Village" is situated today, ...

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Evzen Zamecnik

Lachische Sonne


Evzen Zámecník was born in Frýdek-Místek (Czech Republik) in 1939 . He studied violin and composition at the conservatory in Brno and continued his composing studies at the Janácek-Academy with Jan Kapr. Due to his ...

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