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E.N. von Renznicek / Wil van der Beek

Donna Diana


Emil Nikolaus V. Reznicek was born on May 4, 1860. Though he was originally destined for a judicial career, his nature (that of a true musician) soon pointed him in the direction of music. As an orchestral conductor and a highly regarded ...

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Johann Pachelbel / Calvin Custer

Pachelbel's Canon


The simplicity and beauty of Pachelbel's haunting theme has made it one of the most famous classical compositions ever written, as evidenced by recording sales. Calvin Custer's adaptation keeps the integrity of the original Canadian Brass ...

85,60 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Mittelstufe Listen
Robert Schumann / Anton Rubinstein / Hans Hartwig

Classical Time No. 1


1. Melodie in F (A. Rubinstein) 2. Fröhlicher Landmann (R. ...

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Jacques Offenbach / Franz Schubert / Hans Hartwig

Classical Time No. 2


1. Impromptu (F. Schubert) 2. Barcarole (J. ...

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Léo Delibes / Wil van der Beek



French composer Léo Delibes (1836-1891) was primarily known for his operettas and short comic operas. He was also famous for the ballet Coppelia from which arranger Wil van der Beek has transcribed the czardas for concert band. Characteristic of ...

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Antonín Dvorak (Dvořák) / Johan de Meij

Andante e Alla Marcia


Dvorak's Symphony No.4 (1874) was a pivotal work in the career of this famous Bohemian composer. In the work Dvorák is finally freed from the influence of other composers and succeeds in producing a work in his own unique style. The slow ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen Read
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Stephen Bulla

Symphony No. 40 in G Minor


Mozart belongs to everyone! The experience of actually playing Mozart's music makes him real and more than just a name we associate with old music. Stephen Bulla's arrangement of the first movement of what may arguably be Mozart's ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen Read
Dmitri Shostakovich / Jay Bocook

Symphony No. 5 - Finale


Jay has taken pains to ensure the authenticity of the original, while carefully adapting this work idiomatically for the modern wind band. This work requires strong players and a mature ensemble, but the final result will certainly be worth the effort. ...

163,80 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Ober-/Höchststufe Listen
Giuseppe Verdi / Franco Cesarini

Aida - Gran Finale Atto II


The triumphal march from Aida is probably one of the best known classical works of all times. This superb transcription by Franco Cesarini retains the exciting spirit of the original. As always his name guarantees good quality - quality combined ...

148,00 €
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Johann Sebastian Bach / Calvin Custer / Ronald Romm

Little Fugue


Over the years, Bach's exquisite fugue has become an audience favorite of the Canadian Brass and is now available for concert band with this skillful transcription by Calvin Custer. A wonderful addition for your library! Canadian ...

85,60 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe Listen
Willy Hautvast

Petite Suite Pittoresque


This four part suite consists of four contrasting paintings: a.Classical Prelude is a melody based on classical chords. b.Popular Dance, although using irregular music forms, provides rather easy listening tunes. c.Modern ...

130,10 €
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Modest Peter Mussorgsky / Tohru Takahashi

Boris Godunov (Selections from)


Composer Modest Moussorgsky (1839-1881) came from the prosperous environment of Russian nobility. In 1865, after his officer’s education, he joined the guard’s regiment in St. Petersburg. Here he met a number of well-known colleague-composers, ...

174,00 €
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Johann Sebastian Bach / Klaas van der Woude

Organ Fugue


To arrange one of the most beautiful organ fugues by the great classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) for concert band is certainly a demanding task. Klaas van der Woude has however performed this feat to produce this excellent and ...

87,00 €
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Edvard Grieg / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Antonio Vivaldi / Mike Hannickel

1st Classic Suite


This is an opportunity for you to introduce some great classic melodies to your beginning band. The Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods are represented in creative and accessible ways so that your students can be successful in concert and gain ...

68,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Anfängerstufe Listen Read
Edvard Grieg / James Curnow

Peer Gynt Suite No.1


Includes: 1. Morning Mood / Morgenstimmung 2. The Death of Ase / Ases Tod 3. Anitra's Dance / Anitras Tanz 4. In the Hall of the Mountain King / In der Halle des Bergkönigs Introduce important ...

112,00 €
Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Unterstufe Listen Read

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Classical Overtures for Concert Band


Light Cavalry - Le Calife de Bagdad - The Kiss - Das Pensionat - Fra Diavolo - Donna Diana - Orpheus in the Underworld - The Gipsy Baron - ...

17,95 €
CD (Compact Disc) Compact Disc Listen
Zentralorchester (Prag) / Vladimir Válek

Dvorak - Slavonic Dances


8 Slawische Tänze op. 46 No. 1 in C, Presto - No. 2 in e, Allegretto scherzando - No. 3 in A flat, Poco allegro - No. 4 in F, Tempo di Minuetto - No. 5 in A, Allegro vivace - No. 6 in D, Allegretto scherzando - No. 7 in c, Allegro assai - No. 8 ...

6,90 €
CD (Compact Disc) Compact Disc