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RUNDEL Promo 2014

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Der RUNDEL Promo-Katalog 2/2014 enthält 45 Stücke aus dem Musikverlag RUNDEL und eine CD mit dazugehörigen Hörbeispielen. Sie können sich die Hörbeispiele hier online anhören oder den gedruckten Katalog inklusive CD gratis bestellen. Der gedruckte Katalog enthält zusätzlich Kategorienlisten und Repertoire-Tipps.


01. Jubiläumsfanfare
Golden Jubilee Fanfare Kees Vlak
00:04:00 Music
02. Panta Rhei
Ein Dorf im Fluss der Zeit Markus Götz

1. Der Fluss / The River
2. Das Dorf / The Village
3. Moderne Zeiten / Modern Times

00:08:30 Music
03. Klang der Alpen
Alpine Sound Kurt Gäble

1. Impressionen: Alpen-Wunderwelt
2. Traditionen: Alphorn-Jodler & Alphorn-Polkalied
3. Visionen: Neue Wege

00:09:20 Music
04. Trailermusik
Szenen für Blasorchester Alexander Reuber
00:04:40 Music
06. Giudita
für Judith Alfred Bösendorfer

Solo für Oboe (Blockflöte, Kalrinette/Sopransaxophon, Altsaxophon, Flügelhorn/Trompete)

00:03:50 Music
07. Crossbreed
A Musical Crossover for Wind Orchestra Thiemo Kraas
00:08:00 Music
08. Patria
Aria for Winds Thiemo Kraas
00:03:00 Music
09. Mosaichoralmente
Invention for Wind Band Thiemo Kraas
00:05:00 Music
10. Paidushko
A Balkan Rhapsody Alfred Bösendorfer

1. Alla Ungharese
2. Slovenska
3. Paidushko
4. Hora

00:06:50 Music
11. Arethusa
Fantasy for Concert Band Johan Nijs
00:05:10 Music
12. Crith Mhonadh
Crimond Church Fantasia Alfred Bösendorfer

1. Crimond Land
2. Reel
3. Pastorale
4. Interlude & Choral
5. Ceremonial March
6. Epilogo Religioso

00:06:30 Music
13. Marche des Janissaires
Marsch der Janitscharen aus "Kleine Ballettmusik" André Ernest Modeste Gretry  /  Gerhard Baumann
00:02:30 Music
15. Ode "An die Freude"
Ludwig van Beethoven  /  Alfred Bösendorfer

Die europäische Hymne - The European Anthem - L’hymne européen - Het Europese volkslied - L’inno europeo

00:01:50 Music
21. Hard Rock Stones
Power Rock Medley Markus Götz

1. Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
2. All Right Now (Free)
3. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)

00:06:40 Music
00:02:50 Music
26. Venezia
Marcia Militare Italiana Gaetano Fabiani  /  Siegfried Rundel
00:04:50 Music
34. Young Concert Collection
Kees Vlak

1. Fanfare
2. Morning Prayer
3. Cuckoo Tree
4. Carillon
5. Little Parade

00:04:30 Music
36. The Old Fortress
Mornas 11th Century Kees Vlak
00:02:40 Music
41. Mentis
Kleine Adventsfantasie Thiemo Kraas

"Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging" und "Macht hoch die Tür"

00:04:00 Music
43. La Nuit Des Cloches
Französische Weihnachtsfantasie Michel Carros

1. Il est né, le petit enfant
2. Entre bœuf et l'âne gris
3. La Messe de Minuit

00:04:30 Music
44. Bethlehem
Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte Kurt Gäble

1. Stern über Bethlehem
2. Kleine Stadt Bethlehem
3. In der Nacht von Bethlehem

00:08:50 Music
45. Cinderella's Dance
Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel Karel Svoboda  /  Kurt Gäble
00:03:40 Music
Total time 02:15:40

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RUNDEL Promo 2017
PDF 18.08.2017

RUNDEL Promo 2017

PDF 7.83 MB
Der RUNDEL Promo-Katalog 2017 enthält neue Stücke aus dem Musikverlag RUNDEL und eine CD mit dazugehörigen Hörbeispielen. Sie können sich die Hörbeispiele hier online anhören oder den gedruckten Katalog inklusive CD gratis bestellen. Der gedruckte ...


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Kees Vlak Concert Band



“Jubiläumsfanfare“ (Golden Jubilee Fanfare) is Kees Vlak’s musical gift to Musikverlag RUNDEL on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2014. In the same year, the Dutch composer also celebrates several anniversaries: 50 years ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

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Kurt Gäble Concert Band

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The Alps are a fundamental and distinctive feature of Central Europe. This impressive natural spectacle inspired Kurt Gäble to write “Klang der Alpen” (Alpine Sound). As the subtitle declares, “impressions – traditions ...

Alexander Reuber Concert Band



“Trailermusik“ was commissioned for the CD “Panta Rhei”, recorded by the Concert Band of the German Armed Forces in Siegburg. The intention was to write music for a non-existent movie. This idea developed during our new association with the young ...

Martin Scharnagl Concert Band

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“Mountain Wind“ is a fine small concert piece by Martin Scharnagl. This delightful composition has beautiful melodies set in a sentimental atmosphere. With ease, Martin Scharnagl portrays deep emotions. The introduction of “Mountain Wind“ presents ...

Alfred Bösendorfer Concert Band



Alfred Bösendorfer dedicates this lovely romanza entitled “Guidita” to Judith, the little daughter of his publisher Thomas Rundel. For solo instrument the composer chose the oboe, as its soft sound wonderfully suits the gentle main ...

Thiemo Kraas Concert Band



I composed “Crossbreed” as a commission for the Ellwangen youth band and its conductor Wendelin Dauser honoring the 1250th anniversary of the town Ellwangen. I tried to learn a lot about the town and talked to many culturally knowledgeable ...

Thiemo Kraas Concert Band



From his many visits to the Allgäu region the young composer Thiemo Kraas of North Rhine-Westphalia noted one particular feature of the people living there: a deep sense of home. When the Legau Community Band commissioned a piece on the occasion of ...

Thiemo Kraas Concert Band



To select a musical inspiration for this composition, the choice of an important historical composer was very easy: none other than Johann Sebastian Bach and his choral arrangement "Herr Jesu Christ, dich an uns wend". The title ...

Alfred Bösendorfer Concert Band



Alfred Boesendorfer’s inspiration for writing "Paidushko" was the traditional folk dances of the Balkans. People still don’t agree about the geographic location of this region, as it comprises several countries, such as Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, ...

Johan Nijs Concert Band



“Arethusa“ was commissioned as a piece for the so-called “Stundenchor” as utilized in band contests in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Instead of an obligatory piece the bands can chose to ...

Alfred Bösendorfer Concert Band

Crith Mhonadh


Alfred Boesendorfer invites us on a journey to Scotland, more precisely to Crimond, a village near the Scottish Northeast coast. The local church reveals a striking offset: The clock, bearing the words “The hour’s coming”, has an additional minute ...

André Ernest Modeste Gretry / Gerhard Baumann Concert Band

Marche des Janissaires


Belgian-French composer André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry (1741-1813), who had studied in Rome, was early-on enthusiastic about opera and became one of the celebrated Parisian opera composers during the French Revolutionary period. The republic charged ...

Johann Strauß (Sohn) / Siegfried Rundel Concert Band



RUNDEL Johann-Strauß-Edition Der Titel "Annen-Polka" bezieht sich auf das in Wien sehr beliebte Annenfest anläßlich des Tages der heiligen Anna am 26. Juli. Johann Strauß (Sohn) komponierte ...

Ludwig van Beethoven / Alfred Bösendorfer Concert Band

Ode "An die Freude"


One of the greatest works in music history is Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th symphony. It was the last symphony of the equally brilliant and difficult composer, outranking everything created in symphonic music so far: it lasts longer that one hour, ...

Heinz Briegel Concert Band

Scarborough Fair


German composer and arranger Heinz Briegel created a wonderful concert band version of the traditional English folk song “Scarborough Fair”. He brings to bear the rather dark and tragic atmosphere of the song – after all it is the story of an ...

Consuelo Velázquez / Markus Götz Concert Band

Bésame Mucho


In 1941, Mexican composer Consuelo Velázquez wrote the love song “Bésame Mucho” that became famous all over the world and was covered by many artists in highly diverse musical styles and languages. The title means “kiss ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

Funky Afternoon


Serie ROCK & WIND BAND (Rock Band opt.) Spending a hot and sunny afternoon chilling on the balcony in a deck chair or a hammock, with a cool drink in your hand, sunglasses on your nose and a big smile in your face… This mental ...

James L. Hosay Concert Band

Got It?-Flaut It!


„Got It ? – Flaut It !“ is a cool solo for two flutes in Funky-Rock-style by James L. Hosay. The American composer has the magic touch for easygoing grooves and catchy melodies. He presents the two solo flutes sometimes alone, ...

Prince / Heinz Briegel Concert Band

Purple Rain


"Purple Rain“ is a song by US singer Prince from the year 1984. It was the main title song of the same-named album, which was the soundtrack of the musical film. And of course this film was starring Prince. The soundtrack was awarded the ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

Hard Rock Stones


For his driving medley "Hard Rock Stones" Markus Götz chose three classics and catchy songs of British rock music: „(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction“ by the‘Rolling Stones’, „All Right Now“ by ...

John Miles / Heinz Briegel Concert Band



John Miles' fantastic hit "Music" is a sounding declaration of love to music. Heinz Briegel arranged this classic for the RUNDEL Rock & Wind Band series - for wind band with optional enhancement by a rock band. You can also perform ...

Heinz Briegel Concert Band

Modern Girl


Heinz Briegel's sweeping arrangement of „Modern Girl“, a famous song by rock singer ‘Meat Loaf’ can be perfomed instrumentally or with vocals and features a great solistic part for alto saxophone and tenor ...

Heinz Briegel Concert Band

The Living Years


„The Living Years“ is a successful rock ballad by the English band ‘Mike & The Mechanics’. Heinz Briegel created a fine arrangement for wind band, rock band with optional solo vocal and background ...

James Barnes Concert Band

Goldene Kameraden


“Goldene Kameraden” was commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Musikverlag RUNDEL. The title of the piece is a combination of the golden anniversary of the company and all my friends who work there – but it is also a humorous pun on one ...

Gaetano Fabiani / Siegfried Rundel Concert Band



The march “Venezia” by Gaetano Fabiani (1841-1904) is probably the most famous Italian march in Germany. It is regarded as a preeminent example of the Italian art of the march, and as a concert march it anticipates the marcia sinfonica. Gaetano ...

Emil Toft / Siegfried Rundel Concert Band

Ungarns Kinder


When we discovered the march “Ungarns Kinder” (“Children from Hungary”) with the Bürgerkapelle Lana in South Tyrol, it was clear on the one hand that this march was a real gem, on the other hand we were not in the position to provide any data on ...