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Rummel Bummel

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An ocean of colors, wonderful smells of roasted almonds and popcorn, exciting bumper car rides... already as a small boy I was genuinely fascinated by the fair and its colorful going-ons. Many years later, I told the musicians of my youth band about this and they asked me to write a piece depicting a fair (“Rummel” in German). This was the inspiration to compose these five little scenes of RUMMEL BUMMEL.

1. Kirmesorgel (band organ)
We enter the fairground, welcomed by a historic band organ that plays to very famous marches.

2. Riesenrad (Ferris wheel)
The Ferris wheel circles round slowly and takes us high to the sky, so we have a great view over the fair. We enjoy the magnificent view in form of a slow lyrical waltz.
3. Geisterbahn (Ghost train)
It is on tour for more than 50 years – the old ghost train. Yet the ghosts have not left the pitch-dark ride. On the contrary, they keep creepily haunting it. After we start off with only a bit of tension, the ghosts jump from everywhere in the midst of the ride.
4. Achterbahn (Roller coaster)
From the Ferris wheel we have already seen the big loop roller coaster. The ride begins and the chain slowly pulls up our wagon. Only a few seconds in that dizzy height, before we speed down. We rush up and down and through many sudden turns. In the middle of the ride, we slow down a bit before we pace up another peak. Once more, the roller coaster gathers speed and we loop four loops and rush down a big descent before we finally slow down softly.
5. Bumper car
This is the place where the cool guys meet. Fog machine, disco ball and colorful bumper cars. We would not miss going for a ride here before we leave the fair. And of course, this does not work without one or more bumps.
The scenes of RUMMEL BUMMEL can be performed as a complete suite – with its movements in any desired order – or as separate small pieces. I hope rehearsing and performing this playful music will bring much joy to you and your musicians. Have some fun time with RUMMEL BUMMEL!
Muenster, May 2017
Thiemo Kraas

eXplora Grade 3
eXplora Disc 17

List of Contest Pieces SWA (Swiss Windband Associoation) - Fourth (4th) Class - Windband (Harmonie)


02. Riesenrad
Ferris wheel
03. Geisterbahn
Ghost train
04. Achterbahn
Roller coaster
Total time 00:07:59

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