Rhapsodie Truffée

Concert Band

Rhapsodie Truffée

Eine Entdeckungsreise in die Provence

Concert Piece, Rhapsody
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Truffles are regarded as delicacy worldwide. They are special because you cannot plant or cultivate them. You have to find them! This fact gives them a mysterious and precious character. A region where you can readily find these subterranean mushrooms is Provence, and the French are very proud of their truffles. The only answer to the question of what could be more delicious than a truffle is “Two truffles.” In his composition “Rhaposdie Truffée” Kees Vlak takes us on a journey to Provence, which of course includes a quest for truffles. At dawn (“Im Morgengrauen”) we set out secretly so no one in the mountain village (“Im Bergdorf”) notices that we are on a quest for the culinary treasure. In the “pastorale” we walk through the stunning Provençale countryside with truffle pigs and dogs sniffing for the underground delights. We go to the woods, because truffles often grow on tree roots, mostly of oaks. And sure enough we find some magnificent specimens on our quest (“Bei der Trüffelsuche). Happy and proud we return to the village, where the truffle festival has already begun in the marketplace (“Das Trüffelfest auf dem Marktplatz”). People present their truffles, some in a very quaint way. They wear long coats, hiding their truffles – and only if a customer is deemed trustworthy he may have a look at the precious mushrooms before negotiating a price. In the evening everyone meets and after an appetizer (“L’apéritif“) we all celebrate at the big gala dinner with white and black truffles (“Gala-Dinner mit Trüffeln weiß und schwarz”). Kees Vlak captures the typical French charm utilizing a playful and flirty character, e.g. with suspended notes and their resolutions. Individual instruments and tone colors stand out from the ensemble blend, which is generally rather transparent. This lighter sound with soloistic passages symbolizes the individualistic French lifestyle. The solos also reflect the quest for truffles, as most people strike out on their own. To enhance the stylistic charm of “Rhapsodie Truffée” give particular attention to precisely noted articulation and dynamics.

Parts of "Rhapsodie Truffée":
- Im Morgengrauen (Dans l'obscurité de l'aube)
- Im Bergdorf (Le Village en Haut)
- Pastorale
- Bei der Trüffelsuche (À la Truffière)
- Das Trüffelfest auf dem Marktplatz (Fête de Truffes à la Place du Marché)
- L'Apèritif
- Gala-Dinner mit Trüffeln weiß und schwarz (Grand Dîner aux Blanches et Noires)

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