Rhapsodie Provençale

Concert Band

Rhapsodie Provençale

Eine musikalische Reise in die Provençe

Concert Piece, Rhapsody
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- Dedicated to my friend Claude Decugis and La Lyre Provençale d'Ollioules (France) - (Kees Vlak)

In his "Rhapsodie Provençale", Kees Vlak musically describes his impressions of the Provençe one of the most popular regions in France. The Provence has always been a magnet for many people due to the pleasant climate, the varied landscape and the good cuisine.

The composition starts with a folk song, played by all instruments in unison. This is meant to express the simplicity of the people. Followed by a lullaby, which is performed as an alto saxophone or english horn solo and later by the whole orchestra in Tutti. The conclusion is a fast Farandole, a typical French dance. Characteristic of this are the drums, the small drum (original "Tambourin de Provençe") and a tiny little flute.

As a special inspiration served the composer a poem, which he discovered in a Provencal tavern:

A smile costs nothing and brings a lot
It makes the recipient richer without impoverishing the giver
It only takes a moment, but the memory is often eternal
Nobody is rich enough to govern and
nobody is too poor not to earn it
It creates a feeling of happiness by the fireplace
It is a visible sign of friendship
A smile gives the departed calm and the disappointed new courage
You can not buy, take or steal it
Because it is something without value -
until the moment it is forgiven
And if you sometimes meet someone who can no longer smile,
be generous and give it yours
Nobody needs it so much as the one who can not give one to another.


Selected Piece - Free Choice Category at GMBC (Genève Music Band Contest) 2020

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