Rehearsal Technique for Concert Bands<br>(Winds Vol. 11)


Rehearsal Technique for Concert Bands
(Winds Vol. 11)
Erfolgreiche Probemethodik für Blasorchester

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Fundamental Methods for Music Mastery

The most comprehensive issue of the Winds series, this edition unifies important fundamental training concepts into a practical method for sight-reading, applies training methods to score development, promotes individual awareness and student leadership in the music learning process, and illustrates efficient rehearsal techniques. Presented by renowned educator/composer Yo Goto, and Tomoki Ubata, director of the consistently “Gold Rated” Inagakuen High School Wind Orchestra.

Practical Clinic - Coach: Yo Goto / Model Band: Kanan Jr. High School Band Director preparation; sight-reading preparation; sectional practice concepts; student critique and mentoring; assessment and goal planning. Also, student observation in rehearsal; listening methods; part-group rehearsal; goal sharing; effective criticism; individual contribution to ensemble success; review.

Ideal Rehearsal Technique - Inagakuen Wind Orchestra - Director: Tomoki Ubata Discussion of concepts; opening the score; applying basic training exercises to the score; sustained tempi and articulation for vertical listening; identifying and balancing harmony; part singing for blend, balance and projection; progressive acceleration; aural and physical internalization techniques; increased student awareness of, and involvement in, critical analysis and planning.

Special Offering by the Inagakuen Wind Orchestra: "March-April-May" by Masao Yabe

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